I’m off work but just to do boring life admin.
Gunna grab some breakfast, pick up my new trainers, get a haircut, buy a shower curtain then come home and pack my flat up with WORLD CUP in the background. Pub tonight


happy friday to you, agg!


morning aggy, 2moo

looks lovely out there today. just having some overnight oats. preeetttty good, could have done with some berries though


bleuch morning.

just had an egg sandwich. had to get into work for 8am to let in some people who are moving a couple of heavy shelves. A delightful start. Now an hour and 20 before the shop opens and i’m kinda just idling


any saus on that sandwich or what are we talking about


black pepper, LITTLE bit of brown sauce


ooh nice.

if I’m going a sandwich with an egg added, I’ll usually skip the sauce (the egg essential cranks the sauce) but if the egg IS the sandwich, I’m going to brown town


Haircut then breakfast or breakfast then haircut?


Morning, have to pack for a week in Orkney today then I’m off to a drinky millennial bingo thing tonight


Morning :wave:

I’m tired because I drove more than 200 mikes yesterday then had to fast for 12 hours and have an early blood test this morning. I’ve got quite a relaxed day at work though as we’re having a team lunch and I might finish early so not all bad. AND it’s a really sunny day.


Always some sort of hot sauce with just egg for me (brown if hot sauce is unavailable)


exactly. freshly cooked and sliced egg with pepper and maybe cress if you’re game is a marvel, but a dollop of brown sauce just to kick on the overall flavour is the absolute best.


A day off for me. Might go into London and buy some frames for some posters I want to hang up.

Then an awesome concert in the evening.


Who you seeing?


pre breakfast shove by, haircut, actual breakfast at leisure


3h45 of calls to start my day :expressionless:

Exciting day for the record label, though, so that’s keeping me going :slight_smile:


Breakfast first, don’t want residual hair in your egg yolk…


It is my birthday and I’m celebrating by having heavy menstrual cramps.