I’m on annual AL today so got all sorts of exciting things planned

9am doctor
10am laundry
12 noon dentist
2 pm - 7pm watch tennis
7pm watch football

What’s everyone got planned etc?


Morning DB
:heavy_minus_sign: Hayfever is back with a bang.
:heavy_minus_sign: Too much work,
:heavy_plus_sign: New release on the label.
:heavy_plus_sign: Watch football this evening.


Going back to Leeds today.


Morning DB, ATT, SP.
Got back from a gym session half an hour ago. Calling a solicitor about my lease extension and (with a bit of luck) getting some linen trousers later. Only need legal advice for one of these, I hope.
Otherwise, football x 2.


Morning . Went to a friend’s work leaving do last night and I am feeling awful today. Also slept at my friend’s flat which was crazy hot compared to mine, then had to trek home early to let builders in.
Got a nice coffee and a cinamon Danish for the walk, home and catching up with love island now

Wfh today . Might get out at lunchtime for a burrito


Morning all. In London this weekend, so no plans really except for sweating and feeling gross. Feeding an angry cat all weekend, pre-spent the :moneybag: I’ll get for that on some DLC for Cities: Skylines in the Steam sale so will probably just play a lot of that.

Oh, our washing machine is busted and the guy who was meant to fix it on Tuesday apparently hasn’t yet. I had to buy a load of new pants the other day cos I’d run out. Might have to buy some shirts this weekend, I have some vouchers I got given as gifts ages ago but I’ve been putting off using them as h8 shopping and live in a fantasy land where I’ll eventually not be fat so buying shirts now is obviously a waste etc etc. So annoying though.


I’m going to Corby!


Morning all!

I’m spending my day with a tetchy one year old.

I’m hungry.


Times i fell through the bed last night = 0.

Last full day of #hollibobs today. Might try and beach it, or just chill at the house. Gotta pack later and watch footie.


Sounds pressing.


Morning all. don’t get much time to post in these things much any more. I hope everyone is well. I’m off to some corporate thing at Henley Regatta today. Clients paying to get other company’s analysts drunk in the sunshine is definitely how business is meant to work.

Edit: I’m not sure what sort of position this leaves me in to watch today’s pair of absolute humdingers.


May god have mercy on your soul


Morning all.

Warm again, innit?

Like any sane office-based human I hate Yammer but I think it’s existence has been justified by this post that popped up on my summary email this morning:


It’s Ricky everybody!

Post context: none. None at all.

Hope everyone is well.


Cry and stress my way through another day in this hell. Hopefully get out in time for a climb and some beers with my pals.


Running late as one of the cats decided to bring a live mouse home snd release him in the house.

Managed to catch it with an old ice cream tub, and release him outside again.


I’m having to go to a different building than usual for work today. For presentations, meetings, discussions, etc. From 10.30 to 3.30.

The good news though is that I normally get to work at eight and leave at four. Today I am told to get there at 10.30 and leave at 3.30. And we get a free lunch.

But it will be tedious, I am sure…

I imagine that I will come out of there at 3.30 and head straight to the pub. I think the Harp is the nearest decent boozer. Can’t wait for that.


Also going to the Hardcore Show tonight and I am looking forward to boogying


I hate that about buying clothes. I’ve put on loads of weight but cant afford new stuff. Gonna try to lose enough to fit back into the nicest stuff.


WFH cos I’ve had absolutely fuck all work to do all week and I can’t face another day bored out me’ nut.

Very tired today. Also had dentist yesterday for the first time in a decade, apparently I’m doing a ‘great job’. And there was me panicking I had oral thrush.


Doing some work, doing some yoga, eating some lunch, watching some football, eating some dinner, watching some more football.

Off to Sheffield tomorrow for a family birthday but should be done by 3 so if any Sheffield DiSers know of a good pub to watch the England match in tomorrow lmk (@Aggpass?)