Morning all

Woke up convinced it was Saturday and was just about to revel in a lazy morning not getting dressed when I realised it was Friday. Arse.

Still got a bit of cold, but I’m definitely on the mend. And four nights off booze too. Can’t remember when I had that long without alcohol - I regularly go one or two nights, but four?

Also on WFH book today. Flatmates are both away this weekend and I have zero plans. I see a lot of couch time ahead

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In Manchester today for a seminar


computer won’t be start after doing an update. oh no.

I don’t get this sorry.

WFH today to rest because I have my 2 day spin teacher training this weekend. Means i’m going to be cycling from about 11am-5pm every day. I’ll be feeling like @plasticniki I imagine.

Other than that, I’m gonna eat a huge pizza later.


3 day weekend


is today international wfh day?

goddamnit hallmark, you’ve done it again

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Ordered a Roomba today. Really, really excited.

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Mark Koz was surprisingly great last night, thought it was a joke when he said his next album is called ‘this is my dinner’ but apparently not.

Plan to just twiddle my thumbs at work today and refresh the view count on the tableau thing I put up yesterday

Just got called Gunt Rip by that bot trying to flog cheap toys, so I guess Friday can only go up from here.


I got that mother of pearl oyster fork for sure

Ahhh you’re going to be a spin instructor?? That’s so cool.

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I miss scart, no messing about with inputs, put a video in, video takes over tv. Should have never been left behind


@ttf What did you make of big Mark last night? Struggled at first but warmed to it as it went on. Liked the exorcist impressions.

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how long before I can just go home do you think?

You’re still there?


Had numerous issues with our TV not recognising some hdmi inputs - Xbox is fine, the now TV gets blocked by copyright software, and the Blu Ray I bought wouldn’t appear at all.

So my girlfriend bought a £20 DVD player and a scart cable and it works just fine.

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why are you still there. You must have days off in lieu from all those bank holidays you made a right japes of.

Well i don’t know if I am but the person running the course thinks I will be good at it and she’s already booked me in to cover her classes when she’s on holiday in November!
I personally don’t think i’m fit enough or i’m confident enough to do it but we’ll see. Signing up to the course has meant unlimited free spin classes so i’ve made my money back already :laughing: