Guys… this is a silly question, but when someone refers to something as “a social” that basically means… socialising with a bunch of people, right?

… and probably with alcohol involved, right?





would expect less alcohol than i’d like if I were going to a ‘social’. quarter-half glass of cheap red wine and a handful of crisps.

maybe I just go to shit socials.


Slept for 3 hours. Still feel like garbage.


I think there will definitely be some beer. Oh god, all I can think is “must come across like I’m not a bit mad.” When I’m nervous I’m a bit… well, I talk a lot of shite.


So do I, but only on strictly agreed terms


Correctly guessed the expiry date on a debit card I lost last year. I feel like a god.


It’s meant to be sung to the tune of Duran Duran - Rio (I assume that’s the title)


Anyone know a good podcast app that won’t randomly crash every fifteen seconds?


But what were the other 30 or so pins for? Complete waste of real estate that!

Pin 1 Audio output (right)
Pin 2 Audio input (right)
Pin 3 Audio output (left/mono)
Pin 4 Audio ground (pins 1, 2, 3 & 6 ground)
Pin 5 RGB Blue ground (pin 7 ground)
Pin 6 Audio input (left/mono)
Pin 7 RGB Blue up

S-Video C down[a]
Component PB up[b]|
|Pin 8||Status & Aspect Ratio up[c]

  • 0–2 V → off

  • +5–8 V → on/16:9

  • +9.5–12 V → on/4:3|
    |Pin 9||RGB Green ground (pin 11 ground)|
    |Pin 10||Clock / Data 2[d]
    Control bus (|
    |Pin 11||RGB Green up
    Component Y up[b]|
    |Pin 12||Reserved / Data 1[d]|
    |Pin 13||RGB Red ground (pin 15 ground)|
    |Pin 14||Usually Data signal ground (pins 8, 10 & 12 ground)|
    |Pin 15||RGB Red up
    S-Video C up
    Component PR up[b]|
    |Pin 16||Blanking signal up
    RGB-selection voltage up

  • 0–0.4 V → composite

  • 1–3 V → RGB|
    |Pin 17||Composite video ground (pin 19 & 20 ground)|
    |Pin 18||Blanking signal ground (pin 16 ground)|
    |Pin 19||Composite video output
    S-Video Y output|
    |Pin 20||Composite video input
    S-Video Y input|
    |Pin 21||Shell/Chassis|


Pocket casts. It isn’t free (3 or 4 quid I think) but it works very well


See… Can do away with pretty much all of those


Got my transfer approved in work, gonna be moving to Glasgow lads :sunglasses:


No idea. I struggle enough to stay off the internet when I’m in work and my boss can see what I’m doing


me pizza’s cooking

hurry up pizza


My landlady’s friend just asked very specifically “do you have any elderflower cordial” what a thing to ask!

(I’ve got some but I keep it in my room)

I’m going to eat some more of yesterday’s dinner today.