☀ Friday ☀

Morning all! :wave:

No idea why I’m up so early - I guess my brain was awake and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Anyway: happy Friday!

We’re going down to Devon this weekend but we’re breaking the journey up to try to avoid the worst of the bank holiday traffic - leaving here when the girls get back from school, having a pub dinner, staying overnight in a Travelodge, and then finishing our journey first thing tomorrow, via a National Trust place.

(Aren’t we lucky we were there to get that information from CCB? It seemed extraneous at the time)

Anyway, how are you all?


Your Friday my 7 day week Monday.

Bring it on. At work already grabbing a coffee, going to be a busy bee but let’s do this. Hospital is busy but feels very pre pandemic now. We’ve almost done this.



Got the day off so obviously I woke up at half 6. Got some pals coming round for the weekend who I haven’t seen in over a year, so so so excited.

Also got signed off for the next phase of the project I’m working on yesterday - finally - which is a huge relief

Gonna go back to sleep tbh, bye!


Will be tutoring all weekend so visiting a local museum then going for a bike ride, either having lunch at the park cafe or packing a picnic. Hope u all have a good day!



This afternoon I’m dropping my kids off at my Mam’s. For two nights! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids - but I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Table bookings at a tap room and local Indian tonight.


Morning all!

What NT place @colon_closed_bracket ??
Hope you have an excellent break!

Got my class assembly today which is an extravaganza based on a popular entertainment show where we contest who is the best woman in history - The Female Factor. Spoiler they all win as all women doing things are inspirational

Anyway then it’s wine and collapse until decorating time tomorrow.


Handing in my notice today, so I am currently filled to the brim with the ol’ anxiety.
Gonna be a busy weekend I think, loads of chumps coming to Devon on holiday.


Missed you’d got the job (assume thats why your handing in the notice). Congratulations.


Allegedly someone from gumtree is coming round to dismantle and take away my shed today or tomorrow. So I need to do some unhooking of electrics and clearing out.

Couple of dump trips on the cards I reckon.

The thrill is too much.

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Was thinking of dusting of the bike, but arm is a bit sore from the wee jabby. So probably walk somewhere within the city limits like a good boy.

This one!

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I’m in the market for a new pair of flippers, just so you know.

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Here you go



Morning all!

The Child is going back to nursery today. I’m getting a delicious pint of (what I assume is) Astra Zennica and I’m off work until Tuesday. I do have work to catch up on and I am going to try mowing the lawn if the weather is OK. I’m also playing football later.

Looking at my plans written down, there’s no way I’m doing all of that.

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A bit of back and forward, then I realise you’re actually being hostile :grimacing:

(We’ll mainly be hanging out with Mrs CCB’s family. And definitely staying out of the South Hams. Probably wouldn’t be visiting the southwest without a valid excuse)

(And hope the notice-giving is okay :+1:)


Up early today because we’re off to Legoland! Jimbo is VERY excited. Hopefully it won’t be crazy busy since it’s just an inset day and not proper half term. Also some of the park isn’t quite up and running for the season yet too. Whatever though, there’ll be more than enough for us to enjoy.


Haha I wasn’t meaning to be hostile at all, I was just playing on your OP. Of all the people that could be visiting the South Hams this weekend, you’re the only one who’s actually welcome :wink:


Morning all,

Had the busiest work week so far this year and was up at 5.30 stressing about the amount I have to get done today :cry:

but then I’m on holiday for a week :smiley:

Off to Whistable tomorrow and looks like it’s actually going to be dry :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I know :slight_smile: I would actually love to come that way - Mrs CCB’s parents (and my eldest) seem to have scheduled our entire weekend for us. Weather is looking :sunny:

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