☀ Friday ☀

Ok so congrats @Funkhouser that’s really nice news, enjoy slacking for a month while the weather gets better.

I’ve got a week off, my mate’s coming over tomorrow, and have had a decent run in my new job so am happy. Going to build an epic playlist for beers in the jardin tomorrow - Pavement will be present. Curry and Neil Breen for the evening.

Dad’s birthday so need to drop off his pressie (forever changes on vinyl as requested, plus I’m pushing Superunknown onto him cause I think he’ll dig.) will then recable the hifi, post DIY panelling. Actually looking forward to it cause I’m TRAGIC. I also used to work in cable management so :woman_shrugging:

In other news guitar lessons are going well but mostly cause the chat is so good, my teacher is an absolutely top top boy :woman_shrugging:

Edit: I also cut my hand really badly today and had a spider crawl on my head this morning which is legitimate worst nightmare territory for me

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I use the shrugging lady emoji a lot eh? :woman_shrugging:

Big if true

Also, out for dinner



Just getting the mower out the garage and it’s started raining. Standard.


brie, caramelised onion and serrano ham toastie for lunch - lemon loaf for afters

I’m out having some tacos

To early to have a beer?


Always knew I could count on you my friend. Cheers.

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What time is it?

cheers :beers:

And dont say Beer o’clock

12:48, but I started about 20 minutes ago.

Past 12 is fine is my personal rule. Crack on.

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Is there an evening thread? Dunno whether to order pizza or have a frozen one.

what frozen pizza are we talking about?

Dr Oetker

Oh dear, that’s what I was afraid of.


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