☀ Friday ☀

Meant to be going on a bike ride but this has happened



Currently overcast and the forecast says it might rain this afternoon - good things never last, do they?

Might be a good opportunity to wash the car for the first time in about 6 months though later on. Going for a quick spin on the bike and then popping into Brum for a few bits and pieces first.

Morning all! It’s cloudy today, but it’s apparently going to be mega for the next two weeks so it’s no biggie. Maybe if it is dry for long enough I can redo the weathershield paint and prevent the ingress of water into my kitchen wall. I can only dream!

Today is work, work, work, but that’s OK, it must be done. Hope you all have great days!

Got a zoom call at 11 so naturally I can’t focus on anything for two hours

wish i didn’t have to work and could do some neat stuff with my day


Was mega hungover yesterday and watched 20 episodes of black-ish on disney plus

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Black-ish is a proper favourite in our house.

Hangovers not so much.

I’ve marked a classful of assessments already.

It’g going to rain in an hour so I’m definitely not mowing the lawn.

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I’m off, it looks like a good day, a beer delivery is coming, might have steak for dinner … yeah I think I’ll cope with that

Have you used your AK yet?

Still safely under the bed. So far so good

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Dunno what to doooo

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Morning! Another morning visit to the hospital, but, hopefully won’t be here long. WFH for the rest of the day. Mr sine_wave goes away for the weekend this afternoon for a few days which will be weird but nice to have the house to myself…It’s warm but cloudy here, hoping the clouds clear off.

Also thinking about Espresso and tonic again since having my 1st one ever yesterday.

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Just quit my job innit.


Grab as many wetsuits as you can carry and leg it


I’m currently looking at about 200. My arms are quite long. Hmmmm.

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I’ve had my second vaccine.

When do I get my super powers?

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Just getting into London. Off for Indian food with a friend at 12:30 so gonna take a long walk down from st Pancras to Tayyabs

Congrats on the new one by the way!

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