Friday 🥳

Cheering myself up with a halloumi souvlaki.


ur a friand

Bad day so far, felt on edge and anxious all week and even worse today, and then a little while ago I fell over and twisted my ankle, shredded my knee on the other leg and hand, managed to get some first aid support because I fell next to a school lol and someone saw and offered help, I was crying too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Oh nooooo! Hope you get some nice r&r time soon :heart:

@weeber sending you loads of love today x


Rye is v busy but I have also seen a great variety of cute pups :heart_eyes:


I made a terrible mistake last night and stayed in the pub with pals until close. I am hungover. Just had a burrito though and my work diary is fairly light.

Tonight I will watch Ted Lasso and eat more good grub. And not drink.

Reading with a schooner of craft sludge like it was before.

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I love him

(it’ll darken over the next 48 hours)

(like my penis)


got a huge slab of focaccia for £3, and also a tiny barely-there donut for a further £3

i don’t understand fancy bakery pricing structures

thanks your extremely normal email, natwest


wo your bank account is under a fake name!!?


Just made myself a tuna salad for lunch. It was shit, obviously.

Awful stressful morning at work, perfect end to a crappy week. I’m going to have a great weekend though, take that Universe!!

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fuck me last night was… :thinking:…interesting.
finishing up work sharp as i’m through to edinburgh this evening for some opening of some venue/bar/club or some shit. i have little details, i’m my friends date. it’s going to be messy.
once more unto the breach dear friends. :grimacing: :grinning:


report back on whether the place is worth a visit!

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about to go out and watch some cycling.

tune in NOW to the vuelta a españa to see my ends.


if you’ve ever learned wide awake by using the tab on ultimate guitar then that was me I made that

a legacy my great grandchildren will talk about

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got a bus lane ticket for Tuesday and I’ve been in that road every day since. sometimes twice, absolutely fucked it.

oxford road between whitworth st west and chepstow st.

elec meter installation bloke is meant to be here between 8am and 3pm, don’t fancy his chances tbh

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Just about to start work. Here until 11pm. Fuck this

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