Talk about your lives.

There’s probably already a thread.

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Urgh. Ended up out with my 63 year old boss on call lane in Leeds until 3am :grinning::grinning:



I’m taking the kids to Brick Lane for a lunchtime curry.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition first though.


Had a dream that I went to a big warehouse rave thing in in Essex and met some DiSsers there. Bicep were and there were food trucks there. One was selling scallops.

Got my pill check up later and I’m absolutely dreading it, I wish they didn’t have to weigh you :grimacing:

It’s Papa Pervo’s birthday so we’re going to local Indian for a dinner. I had a panic as I was falling asleep last night that I hadn’t bought hin a present yet, but then I remembered that my present is paying for 1.5 gerbils.

I feel like I need to say lane in this reply as is the convention so far. I’m not going to a Lane today that I’m aware but I like Lane in Gilmore Girls.

I’m off to Hatch to plan out a big sparkle arch that wa originally glitter tunnel but… budget :sob:

Then off to Stretford for a meeting about poverty

Hey everyone

Works going to be dead today so it’s effectively already the weekend

My only plan for the weekend is to at some point get massively baked and go see the Dune film. HMU if you wanna join :grinning:


just off the phone with a lady from the nhs to follow up on my positive test yesterday, she was so friendly during the course of our few minutes chat that i am in a genuinely good mood. :slight_smile:
This despite the fact that i lost my sense of smell last night. :weary:


Have convinced my work to let me do four days with condensed hours, so today’s my first of many Fridays off. Kids are off too so will be chasing them around until their grandparents arrive, and then I’m spending the rest of the day recipe developing and working out if having a part time food business is going to work.


Jealous. That sounds amazing.


How are you feeling?

this is me and my pals plan, obviosuly been put on the back burner till i shift covid but once that’s done we’re gonna go see, nice and toasted.

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Dog walk. Bike ride. Might get some nice lunch somewhere.

Have to drive 130 miles down the A14 tonight. Can’t wait.


WFH for the first day this week after 3 days in London then y’day in the office so this is nice.

Walked down to Greggs earlier for a coffee & croissant. Starting to do some work, but only going to do the bare minimum to get me through to the weekend.

Got absolutely no plans for the weekend, for the first time in ages and i’m really looking forward to that.

Might start a Friday jigsaw in a bit too.

actually feeling fine, cold is definitely retreating and lo and behold i am getting me sense of smell back. it’s not totally there but i can smell things i couldn’t last night.
been huffin vicks, whisky, rosemary and firelighters since i got up and i can small them…woooooooo. might also be a wee bit high. :slight_smile: :wink:


One of those disorganised mornings when you’ve realised that there is too much to do and that’s before you’ve gotten into work. Thank God I’m off next week. 3 days

I’m still in love with the woman who did my flu jab last month


I’ve caught covid from my boyfriend, and he’s now lost his sense of smell/taste. I might just eat all day to make the most of it while it’s still here!

Half term

That’s it.


Had a night off doing anything so i could get an early night but obviously couldnt get to sleep and then kept waking up from sleep paralysis and horrid dreams. Really need to get some work done today n all. Got a date later :blush: we’re gonna make aubergine larb. Mmm, larb.

Need coffee.