Good morning, I’m so glad it’s Friday!

A day of (hopefully not too taxing) work, soundtracked by new releases, and smelltracked (?) by a slow cooking cochinita pibil that will be in the oven for 6+ hours. Then got some pals coming round this evening to help eat it. Found out that Cool Chile co deliver freshly hand made corn tacos too so all in all I’m very excited about eating things today. There will also be mezcal margaritas so I’ll see you in the knobbed thread later on.

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Back to the office again. #whyisthishappening2me?
Not left the house yet


Might go and piss about on my bike even though its quite wet and windy out there. Might just take the dog for a quick walk and stay in the warm and dry.

Its been 4 weeks since I had my tattoo done, so going to treat myself to a bath this afternoon regardless.

Going out to Local Indian tonight.



That’s the creepiest caterpillar I’ve ever seen. Deserves jail imo.


Poor caterpillar :sweat:

Seeing rolo & the tomassis this evening once I persevere through work. Excited


ran, cofee’d, omelleted.
now work
then bundobust and 65DAYSOFSTAAAAATIC later :metal:

Need to do like 2 weeks worth of work today. Hopefully, I can get concentrated. Will probably be good for my MH if I can get some stuff done.

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I think I can get about 3 to 4 good hours a day of concentrated work and the rest is just :woman_shrugging:t2:





Might be a bit late for now but @shes_so_high recommended Cosrx Pimple Patches to me a little while ago and they are a miracle.


let their gig up here sell out, still haven’t seen them live and i was absolutely in love with them when i was a teenager :frowning:

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One of our delivery drivers just came to pick something up and brought me a pasty. Very happy now.


Hey hey DIS,

Exciting times on the school run this morning. Music Journalist Simon Price is moving out of the neighbourhood and there was a removal van loading up boxes of records outside his his. Didn’t manage to befriend him in the time he lived a few doors up. Thanks pandemic.

And then there was some tree cutting, which is a thrilling sight for a six year old. Personally, if I was organising some tree cutting right near a school, I might have let it start after loads of schoolchildren would have been walking underneath said tree, but what do I know?

His exact words as he threw it at me were (thick Scouse accent) “Nobody ever grew to be your size without a second breakfast, here you go big dog!”


aw man. they’re great live. seen them loads tbh. each tour cycle I try to see them.

these are rearranged shows from last year so hopefully they get on the road again next year and you manage to catch them. seem like good lads too.

i was v into them as glitchy noise post rock, but then for whatever reason fell off round Exploding and never really caught back up. Even though that one seems to have loads of fans, and I heard Tiger Girl recently and it was phenomenal!

think i was worried they might have ditched the guitars by now, guessing that’s pretty unfounded?

Enjoyed seeing svenners, the tillster and their pal yesterday.
Enjoyed to eat at Bundobust and to watch the musical stylings of ME REX.

Going to have weekday eggs for breakfast. Self Esteem tonight, plus shawarma for food and a trip to Sheffield’s (and maybe the UK’s) best pub beforehand for the first time in ages.

Decent situation imo

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the guitaryness comes and goes. if anything theyre more glitchy. live it all seems to come together and it just sounds like them :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

sort of blended/dropped the post rock, with more epic synthy soundscapes. with noise.

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