Friday 🥶

How’s it going, I’m in full winter gear today, scarf and all. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow morning too :snowman_with_snow:


Cycled in to work so got cold and wet. That was fun.
Waiting to hear the result of the interview on Wednesday so I’m a bit nervous about that. Here’s hoping. :smiley:



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Hiii @avocado :blush:

I’ve got the heating on. Bit worried it might make me fall asleep though because I slept terribly last night!

Hope you warm up soon :heart:

Got a gig tonight with two excellent DiSers. Very exciting. Also got my vintage fair tomorrow morning!! Hurrah!!



Tomorrow I have my appointment for my covid booster jab.

Needless to say, I’ve woken up this morning feeling like I’ve been hit by a train and, yep, I’ve tested positive for covid.


Is it weird that my biggest worry is that the dogs won’t get walked for a while?


Had the hygienist at 9am but they called at 8:30 to cancel, went out anyway cos I needed coffee beans

Home again now


Oh no - GwS!


Oh no! Hope it’s a light dose. Remember, you can hold this against your daughter for the rest of her life.


Too many beers last night, today is really going to drag :persevere:

Oh don’t worry - I fully intend to.


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Just checked the forecast for football tomorrow morning

Oh no

Still very happy about remembering to cancel a free trial on the day it ran out the other day

It actually is a bit warmer here than yesterday. Mainly as it clouded over and pissed it down this morning, whilst we were walking the dog.

Cleared up now though so I suspect it will chill down. Working in the living room to keep smudge company, and the laminate floor doesn’t help. I also suspect the double glazing needs a looking at, or at the very least the caulk redoing.

We’ve bought a curtain to cover the back door, so may get the pole for that up this afternoon.

On for a 55hr week. Pretty tired right now. Worked until 11pm last night as a very last minute fix to a major issue that I’ve been lumbered with. As such, I’m going in later than I would’ve otherwise. Finishing at 4 to do the pick up. Really really not in a particularly great place right now, but I have a weekend off so that’s nice.


Bit nippy out isnt it. I woke up with a savage garden song in my head which is… odd but not unpleasant. Absolute cba with work. Going out again tonight for like the 4th night in a row and I massively cba with that either. Ffs.

Was just on this Wikipedia page and then hit the :play_or_pause_button: button on my keyboard and it started playing all of the excerpts at once :exploding_head:

Good morning!



Meetings quite literally all day, but 2 big deadlines, actually impossible then given that I have to spend my free time on a freelance deadline. But regardless, I’m going to meet PO for a drink at lunch time <3

Work tomorrow, which will be nice because @cutthelights is coming!

Cinema to see Encanto on Sunday.


Hey, yes I’m off to Manchester today for the weekend innit

Going to a very un-DiS gig tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the gig?!