Friday 🌤

How’s it going pals, going to go for my birdwatchy walk today, it’s sunny but cold which is fine by me



Actually got up early to do my hair for the weekend, it’s been ruined by some sort of giant fog/invisible rain.

Morning of meetings then work on the train. Can’t wait for this weekend, going to be 60% cava 12 hours from now I reckon.

Really hope Fig comes back soon and hasn’t figured out he’s off to the cattery like he did last time

Really shocked about Meatloaf :pensive:


One of the dogs woke me up crying at 6am. I went downstairs to find out what was going on, and then discovered that the boiler isn’t working.

No hot water or heating. No engineer until the middle of next week.

It’s cold.


Chilly but overcast here this morning. :cloud: :cloud:

About to go for a bike ride. Still not sure whether to go for an ‘exercise’ ride or to put normal clothes on, have a pootle in to town and have something nice for breakfast.

Seem to have a backlog of washing that’s built up, so need to try and get through some of that once I get back.

Going to treat myself to a nice soak in the bath this afternoon.

That’s it as far as my plans for the day go.

Honestly think Ozzie is a mind reader. He always knows when you’re up to something.

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Yeah last time he escaped and I walked around for an hour in the rain shouting him, he always comes back, but nope. He just stayed out and the cattery woman was waiting in her little cat taxi and I had to pay her for the weekend regardless. Luckily I had someone from dis staying here then and just had to warn them they had the world’s most annoying cat to look after



Woke up too early but am out for a walk in the glorious (freezing) morning.

I’ve got a meeting this morning for a new job/client I’d really love to get.

Will be powering myself up with one of these monsters then back to bed when the sugar inevitably crashes.


Must be pretty tired as I thought this was a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket


Glad you’re not my baby sitter :joy: (not that I have any babies mind you )

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work, gym, pool, date

Booked onto a 8 week Mindfulness at Work course :person_in_lotus_position: First session today which I’m simultaneously looking forward to and cba with. 2 hours, can’t we hurry up getting zen?


A chilly but beautiful day in Brighton today

I might try and see if my other half fancies a pub lunch if it stays like this


Very sunny here in TQ7. Think we’re off to the Dartmouth Supermarket Triangle in a bit.


It’s a bit grey and dismal round here.

Legs are a bit tired from 5 aside last night.

Bin men have hljust come and taken all the Christmas trees that were lying in the pavement away. Smudge will be bereft, they’ve basically been playgrounds for him.

Nothing planned this evening, and may well have the evening off booze as we’re going to a beer festival on Red Bank tomorrow.


just had a croissant with sprinkles on top, bizarre experience

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day but not for much longer.


The sun has come out here. It starting to get noticeably lighter earlier now, which is always nice.

Today is mostly work, but I might pop out for a pint or two later, I think.

Turns out it was the latter



Today is WFH, lunchtime dog walk, more WFH, takeaway for tea while watching The Wicker Man (original) & some alcohol free beers. I am very OK with these plans. :slight_smile:

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