Dread is off the chart as i have an oninous sounding meeting with my boss at 3pm (and another one I’m really not looking forward to at 10). This week has been rotten tbqh. Roll on 4pm i guess :person_shrugging:

How are you guys?

Nice weekend plans?

At my parents’ house looking after the cat, who woke me up an hour ago, not so I could give her breakfast, but so I could watch her eat the food that was in her bowl from yesterday’s dinner


Hi gonna go for a walk then eat some weetabix then work. So busy but only one meeting but it sounds like a pointless one.

Gf has brought her clay kit stuff so we are gonna make or start to make some pots (i was thinking of making piggy banks for niblings, but dunno how easy thatll be)

Edinburgh for Cassandra Jenkins on Sunday


Morning :wave:

Made it through the night in a very stuffy hotel room. Must have woken up about seven times. Nevertheless, heading to Cromer later which should be nice. Always feels like a bit of a win when you get through a night’s sleep when your children are sleeping in the same room as you.

Morning :wave:

Hope 4pm arrives quickly for you @inthedusk

Sunny here today but not getting too warm thankfully. 20 degrees i believe at the warmest.

Baby has been up since 6am, so as have I. Just had a coffee and going to go for a walk in a bit. Might get a pastry from co op for breakfast cause why not.

Waterbabies at 10am, then got to go shopping to get BBQ stuff for 30(?) people as Mr s_w is hosting his annual thankyou BBQ tomorrow for his wider team for getting through clearing. Its always enjoyable but also incredibly stressful. :see_no_evil:

Think thats it for today!


Going home :frowning:

Can’t believe I won’t see the sea from my bed anymore


Fell asleep about about 2, up 3 times in the night with my daughter who’s feverish and sick, up at 6.30 and now off to work after finishing last night at 11. Still, weekend off and going Leeds for a weekend away from the kids :tada:. Meeting my wife for a couple.of drinks after work and maybe a trashy dinner.


Mmm, lovely lovely hard water hotel room cuppa (blurred as it’s too early for this)


Noisy neighbours had a party until 3 am :sleeping:

I thought the party house / house of chaos had been evicted?

Morning bab,

good luck with the meetings @inthedusk - i hate days like that where they are hanging over you from the get go. Think of the freedom you’ll feel after though. Have a song lined up for when you’re finished!

I have a one to one this morning. Should be interesting as i have had none of the support etc offered at the last. This should be based on me not casework though so there is that at least.

Gonna cook a lovely bean chilli at some point today. Then a quiet weekend i think. May check out the red panda at the nature tomorrow morning because she’s so cute and it’s been a while.

not got a lot else as im braindead. Take care out there kids x

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Finishing about 3:45 as I need to get to natwest before it closes.

Then off our

Work then home to do a different kind of work all weekend to get the house packed up.

Morning troops.

Tonight is my eldests birthday party where we are having six of their friends sleep over.

Pray for escutcheon.


Two separate houses! Danger House were never party sounds loud, more screaming argument and kicking the front door in loud.

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Amount of work you’re planning on doing today…?

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Back at work for a nice easy one then it’s long weekend time. Sun is shining and it’s a bit fresher outside this morning, so had a nice cycle in.

In-laws are coming round on Monday/Tuesday to decorate our living room so weekend plans are prepping for that - nothing major, just filling a few holes, etc. Taking them out for a meal tomorrow as payment for it.

Got one thing that I absolutely need to do to not be sued for negligence but if I can get that squared away early then it’s computer games o’clock, baby

I’ve hurt my ankle.

What’s the etiquette on asking your flat mate to drop off your stool sample for you?

Ugh. Can’t get going today. Thankfully I haven’t got much on to get going for, but y’know.