What are you doing this weekend? I might go see Peter Broderick tonight, playing football tomorrow then just gonna sit and watch movies for the rest of the weekend. Slammin. hbu?


Same thing I do every weekend - try to take over the world (doss on the sofa for two days)


DiS drinks this evening.
No Saturday plans - probably a lot of video games, maybe watch a film with the TV.
Climb then watch football on Sunday.


Morning SSF, F, ATT. If I finish on time at 11 tonight, should make it for the drinks, assuming people are still there, vertical and coherent. My weekend starts about 3am on Sunday - might pick up a book of war poems that TS Eliot called a work of genius.


Some friends are coming over for a craft day/meeting my kittens tomorrow, Sunday is going to be a chores I’ve been avoiding day


Im off to Villa Park tomorrow then Sunday I need to find a birthday present and a way to get rid of dark patches from white tshirts


Preparing my CV for job hunting, getting some clothes out of storage to pack for imminent holiday. And the least exciting, but most important task is backing up my music MP3 collection to an external hard drive. I am vigilant about doing this every month as I am screwed if the laptop dies.

And as ever, much cat cuddling and generally fussing.


Careful @elthamsmateowen!


Working over the weekend.

Day off today though. Currently lieing in bed watching the test match, with a cup of tea and 2 (TWO) pain aux raisins.

Happy Friday.


A driver put one of our vans on its side a few months ago. The CCTV from the cab was quite funny when the driver took his seatbelt off without thinking and fell like a dead weight out of his seat to the floor (which was now where the passenger door was) :smiley:


Took a #cheeky day off today for no good reason, didn’t I?

Playing nerdy cards for fun tonight. No great weekend plans. I bought Stellaris yesterday, so maybe just play that in my pants for two straight days. Sounds alright.


Just yawned really hard and a single tear rolled down my cheek


The Russian one or the George Clooney remake?


Wor Lass slept for 12 hours and still wants another hour.

I"m in North Shields. Everyone I know here is at work.



Starting to come down with a cold. Had the annoying thing of being sniffly all week, knowing I’m about to get ill, and today I don’t feel good at all.

Still, going to a gig tonight in the toon. Haircut tomorrow followed by some woeful football. Will have a few drinks and hopefully write up a couple of songs (or play xcom 2…) later on.

Sunday I’ll meet up with the thinly veiled. Might go watch I, Daniel Blake but she’ll have just finished work and I don’t know how she’ll feel about that. Probably get some food and go home to watch the wire.

I predict a solid 3/5 weekend only marred by the cold and that hull will probably find a way to lose against stoke. Looking forward to the haircut the most, I look awful.


Friends are coming up. Got loads of nice booze in. Going to see Goat later. Can’t wait.



I have very little planned this weekend. I’m very glad about this.


Morning. Bleak day ahead. Not sure ill make DiS drinks either.
I am properly skint so i’m going to do nothing this weekend. Wish some cunt would pay one of my invoices.


Wasn’t paying attention at the burger van this morning and got given this back as change, to be fair it was my own fault for trying to pay for a bacon cob with a £20 note :frowning: