Still a work day unfortunately

I’ve got one (1) meeting at 9 then I’m free for the rest of the day. I WILL squander this.

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Just having my morning brew/dump/duolingo.

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Baby is still getting up early since the clocks changed, the mornings are feeling so long yet I have no motivation to do anything with them.

Got quite a big presentation to give this morning and then hopefully going to knock it on the head for the day, even though that will probably mean working a bit over the weekend.

Last full day in Spain. Sunny, but 40mph winds so it ain’t sunbathing weather. Breakfast, a swim, might get a run in, and then out for some paella for lunch.

It’s me, I’m Baby


Good morning my beautiful children :wave:

I have, and I’m sorry to say it, something of an embattled tummy and bum :face_with_spiral_eyes:. Got to get through work today, It’s been a v busy week, I would like to be able to relax but I’ve got much to do this weekend as well. Just got to push on through really.

Hope u all have a nice Friday :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning angels!

Took some of those dream drops last night. Worked so well that i didn’t move for most of the night and now have a stiff neck.

Got to work on the train like a banker or something. Then when i get to london I’ve got to deliver a presentation but you better believe train pinas are still happening :cocktail:

Going to see a hottie :relieved:

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Saw a six piece brass section play an improv show last night. Fucking excellent.

In the office today, out for a friend’s birthday tonight. Will buy some records too.

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this week has dragged


Hello. Done a bike, will gym after work. Got this evening and tomorrow to myself, but the weather looks atrocious tomorrow again :confused:

Run out of coffee beans so might go for a walk and coffee shortly.

Morning kids,

School run done, downloading of last night’s photos done. A couple of meetings this morning which won’t need a great deal of input from me, so I can get on with photo editing, then it’s a pretty quiet lazy day I reckon.

Good morning! Made this morning’s coffee with not-as-many-beans needed for a full cup. Today, I will mostly wear this expression: :crazy_face:

Started to work but all I can think about is lunch. It’s going to be a looooong day.

Son was up all night, eventually vomiting to explain the fuss. So knackered and trying to WFH with him with me. It hasn’t proved successful so far and I’m not holding much hope for the 2pm conference I’m booked to attend. I will drink a beer at precisely 5pm.

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Found out last night that the bit here about me not getting too drunk wasn’t true. I was hammered and people were giving me water. I’d just sobered up slightly before I went home so assumed I was fine because I remembered leaving

So I got told that last night and was like oh ffs I didn’t realise I thought I was fine.

Don’t remember leaving last night. So presumably was even worse than that. Feel fucking ashamed.

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morning everyone :wave:

got a haircut booked later. still haven’t decided what i want to do with it. my hair’s too shit and fine to do anything interesting by itself, and i hate having stuff in it :weary:

Just woke up, clearly still lacking sleep

Loads of fun albums to listen to, minimal work, massage later. Croissant for breakfast

Yes hello morning

One pot of tea and two toasts and marmalade down.

Need to get out of the flat for a big old walk.
Need to then have a big old nap before starting work tonight.

Also need to somehow fit in looking for a coffee table and chairs, food shop, food eat (x2) and cinema.

Not feeling great, so drinking lemsips and plan on watching Disney all day. Starting with Monsters University. It doesn’t matter if they are good or not, the bright colours will heal me.


There’s croissant all over the sofa and all over me