Mate you really need to be kinder to yourself. It was your birthday. You’re allowed to get pissed. Who cares what you said or did!

I once showed all my new colleagues my bra at a Xmas do. I’m still gainfully employed.


Sorry but laughing at the office because it reminded me of this

Might only be a regional funny thing tbf

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Got ‘I spoke to someone I think is cool oh god did I sound like a fool’ anxiety today :melting_face:

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You know it

It’s taken a year for it to reach back to you so it can’t have been bad :slightly_smiling_face: people get pissed on work night outs, that’s what they’re there for


I had a wobble on Wedesday night/Thursday morning and explained to my boss that I had a bit of a breakdown and they granted me a 4 day weekend to take some time.

So 4 day weekend incoming - better mood today though - feeling more energetic


The train driver just walked through the train and said if anyone has their bag on the seat once people are standing they’ll be charged for a second ticket

Fuck YES. My new hero.


Going to a stag doo next year in Edinburgh so gonna get a plane instead of train. Someone in the group who’s going has just said their flights booked and time they’ll be getting in. Don’t know where he’s flying from but just imagined me becoming extremely needy and wanting to sit next to him on the plane (don’t really know him). Like I board the plane and notice he’s already sat next to someone so I start crying and stamping my feet at the front of the plane shouting that I want to sit next to Phil and it’s not fair.

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Was dreading work this morning, but somehow within five minutes had managed to successfully delegate one thing I didn’t want to do and then as an even bigger bonus managed to effectively reply to an “urgent” problem that people think I should be able to solve with the simple answer “I can’t solve this”.

Couple that with a short bike ride (brr) to the shops to get some breakfast and rather unexpectedly I find myself fed, warm and with surprisingly little work that actually needs doing today.

So if the mood takes me I might summon up the energy to go to the shops again and get the ingredients for this, which I saw on the telly last night and fancied making for me and Mrs F for lunch today:


Love when people say ‘ma wee bra’

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You don’t sound like a fool

Thanks and @Konichiwa_Bitches this is helping me get through the day


Happy birthday for yesterday! :partying_face:

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Hello, back at work after a fun few days off and thankful it’s just one day to get through as feeling rough which I think is a combo of many things. Off to the vet for the first time with this one later


Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Good choice of reply there :wink:

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Decided on a whim to design a t shirt using online t shirt design websites that’s like that “I’d rather be listening to Smooth by santana etc” t shirt but for Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan – “Silence (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)” but after half an hour I’ve got nowhere and it’s a shit idea anyway so instead I’m writing this post.


Busy in here today


Got ramen for lunch

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