Got a meeting I’m looking forward to this morning.

Noticed lots of people on instagram are using the word spoopy instead of spooky. What’s going on?

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Instagram lost their K in the outage the other day

I looked it up. This is why I hate the world.

Spoopy is amusing internet slang describing cute, comical, or silly versions of typically spooky subject matter such as ghosts and skeletons. Cute dog in a sheet-ghost costume? That’s spoopy!


Got a meeting I’m not looking forward to this morning. And the viewing for our house this weekend has cancelled :frowning: so I’m feeling a bit glum tbh.

Re: spoopy - never heard that before. Part of me is all Prof. David Crystal and like “oh yeah, language evolves, you can’t stop it” and part of me is a little bit repulsed by it.


So I set up some automatic transfers in my bank account, but then did the transfers manually earlier in the night…

Now both accounts are saying they’re massively overdrawn even though no money has actually gone anywhere again.

This will right itself in a few hours won’t it? :grimacing:

I gotta get up and i gotta work.

No plans outside that, depressing.

Think it’s the Halloween version of pwned

Morning all.

In the office again today. Need to duck out of some proposed team fun stuff this afternoon. Shouldn’t be too hard as the first order of business when I get to work is going to boots for ibuprofen. Football was great last but I’ve tweaked up my knee, calf and neck and am in some discomfort.


Spooky is already cute imo


Might change my username to Unspoopy

Yep, otherwise it’s just scary isn’t it?

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I like spoopy


Foggy Friday!

Usual drill. Dog walk, bike ride once the fog lifts. Might go and get a treat lunch as its Friday.

The girl child next door is having a massive strop again. Literally every morning before school for the last few weeks.

Citation needed


Spoopy is in the same category of doggo, pupper, any of those twee internet words. Barfworthy.

Today I’m tying up some loose ends before my annual leave and cleaning my flat before my friends come to stay for the weekend

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Alright? Very tired today but it’s Friday, I’ll probably finish early and I have leftover pizza for lunch so it could well be a good day.

Spoopy is the same people who say things like ‘smol’ and ‘adulting’. Not into it.

Edit: what @TheBarbieMovie2023 said basically.

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Got a half day today. Not looking forward to going to bed at 1pm.

Spoopy is the second worst internet slang after tiddies.

I have a meeting at 9 I’m dreading but then I’m going to do minimal work until clocking off time


I used your kitchen roll bleach hack yesterday. Thank you for sorting out my bathroom

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Think my mine gripe with spoopy is it just doesn’t flow at all.

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