Alright? Absolutely fucking knackered, as usual. Had a chippy burger for tea and very nice it was too. Beers and Sister Wives now, possibly asleep by 10. Wasson?

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Oven pizza for tea.
Want to finish my book
Then maybe a film and a bit of packing

Went for a haircut. Had some tea. Going home to wash my hair then might head back out for a few. Not sure yet. Feels like one of these ones where if I do go out I’ll end up being out all night.

Evening. Had to use up some milk so got a rice pudding to look forward to for pud.

Agreed to meet up with a mate for a pint later but it’s belting down with rain here so I’m rather regretting that now.

Want me to bring you one?

Still in bed

Drinking a Gimto and listening to rock the casbah

Dogs in a massive flap because we’ve just brought him to the new house for the first time
Wish you could just talk to them and explain what’s happening rather than them running about in a panic until they’re sniffed out.

Got these just cos of the ridiculous name


it’s fun night!

Might be the last one before my friend moves to Europe, gonna miss him :cry:

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Hiya. Took today off sick cos I woke up with a horrible headache and nausea. This happens to me a couple of times a year, no idea what triggers it. Very annoying. Mostly spent the day in bed reading and listening to calm music (Gia Margaret, Mary Lattimore, Sun June).

I missed the day thread but I understand today was treat day, so

I went out and got this

Pizza for tea. Probs watch one of the Fringe shows being streamed tonight.


On a three hour train journey and ate my train snacks in the first ten minutes. Idiot dickhead.

:heavy_plus_sign: curry for tea tonight
:heavy_plus_sign: lots of beautiful holiday memories

:heavy_minus_sign: two-hour kick off project meeting scheduled for my return to work on Monday
:heavy_minus_sign: best friend is about to separate from his wife

Weather’s gone weird, temperature dropped and looks all hazy/smoggy

Evening all!

I’m still in a bad mood about work (can’t quite put my finger on why but pointless training sessions haven’t helped) but I’m going out in a bit.

I want to go on holiday but really shouldn’t cos I can’t really afford it but I can’t decide whether I want to to a nice old town next a beach maximum chill type holiday or a city where I can do stuff but take it at my own pace.


Have started taking my laptop to training and meetings and doing actual work while I’m there. No one has stopped me or questioned it so far

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Decent size pickled onion there

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Just played a lil bit of peekaboo with a cute kid in Tesco :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: