Alright? Had a relaxing day after an intense week. Did the big shop, did some washing and went to see my mum and picked up some of her famous homemade soup so that’s nice. Mrs F just wanted dauphinois for tea so I’m having some fried up Spam with mine, could go either way. Gonna watch TV and drink some beerz till bedtime. What’s on?


gonna get a bath and then do some bangers


Having a few solo pints in a pub.


Hey funkhouser, other funky people of dis

Had a v busy week and am now exhausted. Drinking some beers, need to make some dinner (grilled aubergine with basil and mozarella, much greasier and more indulgent than that sounds) and make a Halloween costume for an afternoon round a pal’s tomorrow (not so much for ourselves but whether he likes it or not the baby is also going in costume and his will take a bit more effort).

Going to watch some of that cabinet of curiosities on Netflix, maybe this week’s drag race. Eat a Ritter bar (butter biscuit). Bed.

Well sitting outside one.

No chance. Genius stuff.

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Just given my son a haircut. What a fucking ordeal. Had dinner already as it’s the last day of half term that we are all at home for. Leftover cottage pie. Was banging. Beer and some chocolate with a naff film in a bit probably. Oooh, actually, Parasite is on All4, so I’ll watch that.

Zoo was fun. Enjoyed getting excited to see the tamarins and lemurs with my daughter.


Solo evening in trying to entertain a dog who is clearly in a mood and ignoring me

Gonna make a new cocktail (shocker) and have some brown oven stuff plus broc and hot sauces

What’s on, Funky, my man? Quiet night in with a few beers, wines, all that jazz etc for us. Got a Domino’s not long ago. Was about to drop £46, when I noticed that for £4 more I could get another pizza, two more big dips and another garlic bread, so, um, good job we have 3 freezers, eh?


Thai takeaway
Succession, then going to play The Forgotten City

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Went out at lunchtime for a pint and a brisket and blue cheese pizza. Still full from it but might have a few cheese and biscuits in a bit.

Was hoping to have a couple beers this evening but I dumped my stuff and walked out of the co-op in a huff this morning because the queue was moving fucking glacially.

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Remember this guy from Asterix?

what a legend


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Heading out in a bit, been an up and down week

Up - loads of music stuff booked in, exciting stuff on the horizon, going Cambridge tomorrow to see buddies

Down - landlord is selling our house at some point in the new year, she’s coming over Sunday to talk so we’ll find out more details. My housemates and me are considering going all in together and buying it if she hasn’t got a seller yet. Never thought I’d see the day, might even catch me in the buying a house first steps thread haha.
Either way it’s all a bloody stress. Will be fine.


Yes please


Evening. Had sausage, cheddar mash, broccoli and onion gravy for tea, which was very nice and much needed after a pretty hellish week at work. Housemate wants to go to the pub in a bit, so we’ll probably do that I guess.

Off to the pub before going to see some jazz.

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Yeah it’s delicious tbf

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Seeing some very impressive makeup on the kids out guising, creepily vivid looking wounds and stuff! Parents raised on a diet of top shelf horrors clearly

Feel like it’s about 21:24 or something.

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Having a brew and watching Autumnwatch.

Had a right old day of it. Day off work, and a day solo. So did a load of work, two loads of washing, and then headed out to Tynemouth to look for a subalpine warbler. On paper, a decent day. And yet just feel like shite, lonely and sad. Think i just need to sleep.