Yeah it’s something, saw it solo at the cinema but it still had a proper electric atmosphere in the crowd

If you can see his Memories of Murder one day I really recommend that too, think it’s even a hair above Parasite (but both masterpieces)

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Super busy with work this week, which she’s a bit annoyed with since it’s the week before her Christmas

Went out for a few beers, had a delicious Lebanese for dinner:

I’ve done the washing up, fed the cats, now I’m considering a mega early night


had to get up early (for me) and after only 4 hours sleep to go to a cafe with sis & nieces.

managed it somehow. you know when you wake up suddenly even having had only e.g. 4 hours and somehow you don’t feel as awful as having set your alarm for that?

afterwards, I was desperate to go back to bed, but my bike’s gears have been playing up, so having watched a few videos yesterday, I went to Decathlon and B&Q and got whatever bits I didn’t have, and properly cleaned + relubed my bike

never done that before. countless ADHD & etc mental blocks meant I never processed the steps at all, never realised how important it all really was. just had brain kernel panics, shut down, put it off…

a relief to have it all clean and shiny again, and to properly understand the process.

need to sort the indexing out tho, ffs. this is now the cycling thread

(no, but I am in bed with tea and biscuits listening to songs that sound sad and dreamy)



Wee man was a bit of a shite earlier and it has ruined the wife’s mood - wish i could say the right thing to reassure her.

Drinking leffe, not really my sort of thing but my sis-in-law sent me it for my birthday.

Got a trial of apple tv so gave the first episode of ted lasso and a half a go and it is very clearly great (not nearly as twee as i had suspected it would be) and I’m going to enjoy it but the wife has had to nip out and I’m saving continuing till she gets back.

Trying slow horses instead but think the change of tone is too jarring right now.

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you are the luckiest person in the world tonight

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Whatcha got on?

velour tracksuit, platinum crucifix, shades, sandals

no that’s wrong actually, juat got ‘Broken Heart’ by Spiritualized on. can’t think of much (needs to be something I know already)

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Instead of going to kew gardens as I’d planned, to save money i went to richmond hill and ended up spending more than i would have buying lunch and fancy hot chocolate :weary: but it was worth it. It was warm and sunny and i took my watercolours with me to paint the view (its protected by law!) and i didnt finish and I’m not very good but it was very relaxing. Never thought I’d see sunbathing weather in the uk when november is a few days away but this year has been full of firsts :grimacing:


Will have to check those out.

you’d think ‘Velour Tracksuit’ was a good name for a band, but if they existed they’d just be a post-chillwave group that had some tunes on adverts + were otherwise justly forgotten

almost put ‘Jesus Piece’ but that’s an actual artist


just realised nothing magical or spontaneous will ever happen to me again because I’m old. Everything now will be exactly as I expect

(a real sad dreamy tune


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Frangelico and prosecco, not sure

Aye, was really lucky to see him live, in a room above a pub in Brighton. Beautiful

what was the set-up? that’s very lucky indeed

Him on piano (I think) and a trio of strings

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A string quartet even. There is YT footage of it, but it looks like it was filmed on a potato. Robert Stillman supported

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At the lot.