Friday's All Right For Fighting

Happy Friday everyone! :partying_face: It’s the big smackdown challenge tonight, the one we’ve all been waiting for! Your girl @Rarity is going up against everyone’s stinkiest fart @xylo in battle for bragging rights in the first match of Women’s World Cup! What do you think is going to happen?

@xylo is going to be

  • stomped
  • smushed
  • thrashed
  • thwomped
  • crushed
  • left a broken and hollow shell of a man

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It’s on, baby :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Morning lovely! Going to rain all day, urgh urgh.

Just got to get through Friday and then it’s collapse later.

Made the mistake of watching question time last night. Still in a mood about it now.

Morning Miss! Morning DiS!
I like the symmetry of that poll. Good work.

Looking forward to @xylo logging on with his morning coffee and seeing the thread. He gonna be shook :grinning:


Today is my Monday and it’s pouring with rain. Dread and cba levels are going through the roof here folks.

Morning Rarity!

I am looking forward to the weekend so much, first few days of data collection going ok but it is tiring working with kids hah.

Hope you all manage to have an alright Friday!

Was gonna work from home, but I left my phone charger at work, didn’t I. However, I do only live about a 15 minute walk from there, so…

  • Go to the office, get it, come home
  • Just go to the office

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Why are you even asking? You already know the answer.

I like attention


Can’t argue with that


your poll lacks a comedy option smh

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They’re all the comedy option :shushing_face:

Ah I was not talking about OP but the charger snafu

Sorry, it’s very early, I’ve not had breakfast etc etc

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Oooh. Wonder where we’ve placed!!*
*I don’t really, as not my problem and we usually spin it to “Top 100 best New Uni!” or some shite.

Finished one work, off to the other, but not before I sit in Costa (only place open sadly) for an hour eating a croissant and coffee

So we had an interesting night…

Little girl btw




Morning all. I’ve woken up with a hangover. I didn’t touch a drop last night, though. How does that work?!