FRIDAY'S AWAY good n bad

Good…Janelle Monae album out today

Bad…got another interview. Urgh

Tell me yours, plus if you’re having pizza tonight obvs.

Good morning

Good luck for your interview :crossed_fingers:

Good: having pizza tonight.

Bad: R’s dad kind of cancelled on him because he couldn’t provide anywhere to take him for the day. I stupidly offered that he could meet us at the library for a little bit, so now I have to see him and get soaked because it is chucking it down outside.


good - off to Corby for board games

bad - ate too pizza last night and it’s raining today

Good - maccies day
Bad - gym day

Good: Heading to Clonmel to see my Nan, then out for a meal with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. Seeing two bands of ATDs play after that.

Bad: The weather. I love living in this country but the rain is starting to get me down in a huge way.

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Currently at Heathrow. I fly out at 10:30am. I’m off to San Francisco for six nights and then across to New York for six nights there also. I’m really excited.

Have a great day everyone here.


Morning and good luck @Slicky :crossed_fingers:

Bad: Kind of run out of jobs to apply for so not got much to do today, and it’s raining so can’t even go for a long walk really.

Good: Spicy slow cooked chicken for lunch/dinner and MrsF is still on a high after her masters interview, which makes me happy.

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Morning team, hope you all have a fucking cracker of a day.

GOOD: I have swimming this afternoon with the family, and then my mum and dad are here over the weekend which probably means a nice meal on Saturday night and some lunch on Sunday, mixed in with a break from the kids for a bit and some RnR with mrssheeldz. Maybe. This was also my first full week at home since all my travelling over the past few months for work, and it’s worked out that my eldest hasn’t watched a stitch of TV since Saturday. Planning on keeping that up. Additionally, Tai Chi is brilliant. Feel so fluid when I do it, and like garbage when I don’t.

BAD: Headaches have been creeping in a bit recently, probably the stress of trying to buy a house and move city again. I’ll add this one in here - one of my wife’s friend’s brother went in for a full double lung transplant a few months back to get a degenerative disease fixed and after the op they struggled to bring him out of his coma. They managed to stablise him but he died a few days later of organ failure. His funeral is today, so been thinking a lot about him - I’ve never met him, but the idea that you’re going to die if you don’t get this horrendeous procedure, and then make it through and have the lungs accepted by the body, but the surgery is just to much and you slip away… it’s been playing on my mind a lot. We can’t make it to the funeral in Stockport, but he will be in my thoughts all day.


Good: should be a quiet day at work

Bad: still recovering from flu and I’ve been invited to something tomorrow that I don’t want to go to but can’t really get out of. LIFE.

Good: baby is ok, had pizza last night, ITS FRIDAY

Bad: I’m shattered as I couldn’t stop worrying about it all, work is still bad I massively CBA


Morning all!

Good - Been paid, have a plan free weekend for the first time in a long time, plan to fill said weekend with video games and pizza.

Bad - Rain made me get the bus to work instead of walking, I hate the bus.

Neutral - Waiting to hear about a job I really want, feel like I smashed the three interviews I had, so optimistic, but nervous.


No pizza tonight as I have to leave the house earlyish tomorrow.

GL Slicky!

Good: finally got a bit of work this week after a dry couple of weeks.

Bad: have to do some work now instead of watching Netflix all day and wiping my brow theatrically after sending a couple of emails.

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Fuck it, I’m going to work from wfh. Too tired for this commuting nonsense.

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That’s really tough. Xx

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IKR, if I don’t get the job, I think I still may invoice them for my time…

Just come out and shut door. No keys. :tired_face:


Hope you win Come Dine With Me DB!


Oh no! Do you have a spare somewhere? If not I’ve been able to get a locksmith out in 10 minutes before.