Friday's child is full of... something

Morning everyone, evening Theo.

What’s everyone’s day looking like?

I’ll be taking mah banbeano to @anon50098204’s hood to get her wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic. Rather her than me, tbqfh. Might be sat around all day waiting for a surgery slot too.

No plans for the weekend obviously because I’ll be looking after her.

Off to Dublin. Waiting for the ol Ryanair to set off

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Really scared of champagne corks now

Morning squad. Got an interesting one lined up.

Came in at 6am as I need to leave at 2pm for a stag party. The stag is in Inverness, at something called Jocktoberfest. As per my post in the Alcohol thread, it’ll be fine. My wife and I had a long chat last night about my drinking and controlling it when peer pressure is at it’s absolute maximum, and I am prepared. I have the tools I need I think. Plus, two of my best mates are going so that’s fine, they know the score. I don’t think It’ll end up like the famous thread from sadpunk, but we will see.

It is my birthday on Sunday. I feel rubbish leaving the family for two nights.


Morning @epimer etc.

Day off, down to Hendon FC to take part in a morning of stuff around their Mental Health community programmes. The BBC and FA are going to be filming, the former as part of a documentary, whilst Prince Wills is there for an hour or so as well. Taking part in a short discussion that he’s going to be part of around football and mental health.

Not much this afternoon then have my son this evening for some Father / Son time.



I should be up but it feels like winter suddenly and M is snoring still so I’m going to squeeze an extra 1 minute out of lying in bed.

Work this weekend :-1:


Still bare legged, denying the incoming winter as best I can.


Back to work :frowning:

I’ll be in shorts for another month or so yet Slicko don’t worry.

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This is why i never like opening them bottles and wince when some one else does it. Knew theu were dangeroux

All i want for Christmas is Corbyn.


Day off. Planning on going to the cinema. I want to have a fancy breakfast but I have nowt fancy so porridge it is.

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So glad it’s Friday, nearly finished the first week in my new job. Pretty exhausted after feeling out of my depth all week :grimacing: Going to reward myself with some good food and mega chills tonight and probably continue that theme over the weekend…

Mates parents anniversary party tonight :beers:
That’s it.
Oh. Just got tickets for xiu xiu :100:

What you seeing at the cinema?

The Informer purely because it’s free and has Rosamund Pike in it

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Snap. Working the late both days as well

Just three of us in work today. Fingers crossed it’s quiet.

Got offered a ticket for Dylan Moran tonight but I already have plans. WHATTODO.

I think the something you were looking for @Epimer was “Friday’s child is full of pizza”


Solidarity :fist:

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