Friday's here!!

God Morren!

Have wonderful days and tell me about them.


Slept in largely because I CBF with another day of sitting about, doing very little. The day is sunny and nice though so I’ve got that

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morning all :wave:

I’m working from home today because I have my laptop and can’t be bothered to go and sit in an empty office for the sake of it. plan so far is to do no work at all. well, maybe a tiny bit of work. we’ll see.

also, is anyone else getting an error going into pretty much every thread this morning? getting that “aw snap” message on Chrome on Android, reloading sorts it out but still. assume it’s an ad being silly or something.


Got fricken soaked on the ride in, but all showered and dry and warm now.

Got three intensive meetings that I’m secretary for today, so gonna zone out until then I reckon.

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Baby managed 4 hours straight in the crib last night so feeling the freshest I have since she rocked up. Currently working on music while she sleeps on my lap :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah: good morning tilty et al!

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Not many things nicer than a baby sleeping on you, are there?


Is this bit compulsory, because I think this may not be the thread for me if so.


Got a potentially great day ahead. Bit of work this morning (not so great). However, I then have a lunchtime cinema trip with Mrs W to see the new X-Men movie, followed by (no doubt multiple) catch up drinks with my brother, who has just returned from a year travelling. Hurrah.

Happy friday all.


No, but I’m ad free. I’ve just boosted your user level, so hopefully it goes away for you - let me know if it seems to work, because we probably need to let Sean know there’s a dodgy ad around.

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will do, thanks :+1:

Hi! Day off today, no plans, weather is shit. Might very well just stay in bed.

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It’s the best thing in the world :heart:


Morning all!

I have the opportunity to do a 5k fun run on work time today. I will be at work marking exams, fuming that they wouldn’t permit any other healthy activity options and leaving at lunchtime to go to the beer shop.

It’s a retirement meal for two colleagues tonight. It’ll be good but the guest list is quite old and almost all male, so not fully expecting any interesting events.

It is not compulsory it was just a wish. X hope Yr OK zeal.

the letters t and y on my keyboard have stopped working. this may or may not be because a drop or two of tea made its way onto my keyboard earlier. I chose to believe it wasn’t that and it was just that they are having a nap.


Been up since 3.35am since that’s when my darling little expletive woke up bawling his head off. Christ knows what was up- he’s got a sore face after a bad fall at nursery yesterday where he bashed it, but nurofen and a boobfeed normally cures any ills, but nothing worked and he was hysterical for hours . He then fell asleep on the sofa while I was in the shower punching myself in the coupon to try and wake myself up. Today is going to feel long- thankfully I don’t have any face to face meetings as my normally glossy veneer of having my shit together is totally absent today.


Just tired m9. Bad night’s sleep. Woke up numerous times.

Then how did you manage to type this sentence full of 't’s and 'y’s?

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Morning @tilty @anon35600300 @breakfast_t_england @anon50098204 @Twinkletoes @anon76851889 @weeber @anon19035908 @keith @avery UnicornPorn (can only @ 10 members and I went with the first ten) et al

(that was hard work)

Woke up at about 2.20am with the most horrendous headache - thought my whole head was caving in… there’s still a lingering fogginess but it seems to have cleared thankfully.

Day isn’t looking too bad. Might be going to the pub after work. IT’S FORECAST TO BE SUNNY!!! :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: