FriDAYUM it's nice outside

(first daily thread, oioi)

What’s going on today dis? Chewing on granola. Pub after work, obviously. Larvely.

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Morning congrats on your first daily thread. :high_brightness:

Gonna get up any minute.

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Just off to work then pub garden beers

Bit foggy here.

Feeling bit tired, might go make some tea…

Need some new PE leggings, any good ones spotted anywhere anyone??

Espresso in the garden, school run, going somewhere nice out for breakfast with my wife then catching a train to leeds to meet some atds.

Lovely stuff.

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…and a birds just shat on my head


“”“Apparently”“” that’s good luck

Think I might have picked up a bit of a tan


A very small bit but still

Played 11 a side after work last night. Was bloody gorgeous (lost 4-1, got an assist though)

Up early for an ikea delivery, not sure of eta yet but could be anything so I’m picking up where @Jeremys_Iron left off yesterday. Should hear back about this job today, having now convinced myself someone more knowledgable will get it instead. Sunny though so Mr Whippy will be on the cards.

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Morning Tuna and co.

There was a big fire just down the street from us last night in a block of assisted housing flats and a woman’s died :anguished: Fire brigade and police everywhere. Hopefully no-one else was hurt.

Got to try to push through a bunch of stuff for work today because I wasn’t as motivated as I should have been yesterday. Curry for dinner this evening. :+1:

Nah, not having it today.

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Was a bit out of my depth last night doing an MC spot for a pro show. Opening spot was a bit frosty, but by the second half they’d warmed to me. Was quite humbled by how good the headliners were, one of those moments where you’re like THAT is how good I need to get… somehow.

The first thing the person running the show said to me was “the second half went better”, classic Dutch bluntness. After talking though, she ended up inviting me to stay with them in a tent in their friend’s garden for the Edinburgh Fringe which was enough to make me think that she still might book me again and think I just had a shit set. I’ll take that.

Then train delays on the way back meaning I technically couldn’t get any further than Den Bosch. Was frantically trying to work out where I could stay as 9292 basically said that there were no train options left. Then got to the station and the train which was supposed to have already left only bloody went and hung around for our train, didn’t it.

Was full on proper nervous last night and have had 4.5 hours sleep for work today. Still buzzing a bit. Will probably be dead after lunch.


Oh good, our VPN is down for 6 hours of maintenance while San Francisco sleeps. Good thing it’s not vital to literally everything I was going to do today at work…

Can’t imagine anything more nervewracking than stand-up. Fair play.


You’re right that is good


I’d kind of overegged the amount of MCing experience I’d had, as in I said I had some.


Had a tension headache for most of the week now. It is at its worst today but imma go in and maybe leave early if it doesn’t improve I guess. Called in sick on Tuesday so don’t feel like I can again :sleepy:

walked to work wearing shades and may walk home wearing the same, inshallah. first got to get work out of the way. then off for a pint tonight. huzzah.