FriDAYUM it's nice outside

Day off today.

Planning on doing most of the following.

Trip to the dump
Weeding the garden
Jetwash the walls and patio in the garden
Clean the car
Go for a walk in the countryside.

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This flu is kicking the absolute shit out of me still. Thought I’d start wfhing yesterday, but got as far as deleting a bunch of emails before having to go for a lie down. Not sure if I’ll even bother with that today.

The tv has it now too :grimacing:


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Quite tired today after getting in late from Otoboke Beaver at the Scala last night.

We went for a Roti King beforehand and then had a wander around Granary Square. Every square inch of space had people sat on it or running through the fountains.

Great stuff.

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Feckless colleague that I hate set off the burglar alarm so just had to deal with (admittedly quite fit) police. GRUMPY

This has DiSMeat potential @Witches


I’m back on the Huel™ today though. That’ll fix everything.

I’m going to the north east of England for the weekend.
Wish me luck.


Headlam Hall, near Darlington.

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That’s all I have.

To be fair and to be quite fucking honest it’s going to be a good weekend. There’s a few golf courses nearby, the food at the hotel is meant to be great and, to top it all off, I’m going to watch Darlington vs Nuneaton (one of my office colleagues supports Darlo and I’ll meet him there)


Mad amounts of kids!

We did an early dishoom there then a walk to Highbury. It was nice! (But I prefer it less hot)

I used to work opposite Roti King when it was on Charing Cross Road. Absolutely gutted when it moved. I miss it.

Working from home (sitting in the garden with the dog)

Neighbours around for a barbecue and beers later.

Yeah, it was crowded, but there’s something very pleasing about large traffic-free spaces being used by people.

half day today, then off to Prague for a stague oi oi oi

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Bit personal, m8


Yeah, he moved to his own place and now it gets very busy in there. At least when it was on Charing Cross Road you could always get a table.

(I prefer his earlier stuff…)