FrIdes of March Day Evening Thread

Good evening all of DiS. This is now the official evening thread*. I hooe you have fun in it.

Other threads are also available.

On a barge



Fancy the meridian weather presenter

Yes you are! What sort of amazing time are you having?

I hope there’s no unofficial Friday Evening threads to confuse everyone.

Train is crazy busy today, but should be home soon :+1:

Gonna try and do a long run I think then choose dinner. May go to the chippy, may do something involving hash browns, undecided.

Might start a Pepsi Network Chart Friday Thread


Cheers, bud!


Hope you’re okay mate. If you are having a massive breakdown you could be having a worse one!

Eating a protein bar
Starting work in 1h 30 mins
Listening to some bollywood(?) rapping my sister sent me
might go in early, get the lay of the land

:+1: take care x

Hi! Fucking exhausted pals, long old day today. About to make some tacos, then eat some tacos. Got a couple of wanker beers and some cake for later.

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Never easy going back to work after a couple of weeks off. Have you at least got a weekend ahead of you now?

Lying on the sofa and cat’s just landed heavily on my nuts when jumping on me to come and be friendly. Ouch. Going to go to the pub after the washing has finished I think.

Been to the best pizzeria in the world with the family. Pizza express


Just saw an advert suggesting you cut the top off an Easter egg and use it as a glass for a Baileys cocktail. Know what I’m doing tonight then.


havin it large?

Perfecting your pictures of horses?

Perfect already mate :woman_shrugging:

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trying to find the motivation to get on the trainer