Fridevening πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

What are you up to, non-LME?

I’m mostly lounging and waiting for the football to start. Anyone having pizza?

got back from my christmas song.

Had some food.

Might head to the COOP

What Christmas song was that?

oh just one that me and some friends wrote for silly fun

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Evening. No pizza I’m afraid. Currently torn between staying in and watching the football or going to the pub. The latter is currently winning, tbh.

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just gorged on vietnamese food. gonna have a bath and listen to a podcast about aliens or something, then get an early night.

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Had a curry.

Now same as you @laelfy , waiting for the Mighty Reds…

I do fancy a sunny holiday now…

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Had a busy old day at work so trying to do some major relaxing. Following up by big-breakfast for-lunch with a giant bowl of mac β€˜n’ cheese β€˜n’ bacon. Pray for me.


What kind of Vietnamese? I am now a Vietnamese food expert.


works night out. plan A of not getting pished seems to have failed.

trying to catch up on the DiSmas thread.


Made absolute best mates with this babe on the walk to nursery. Yowled after me and waited outside nursery nd walked us home again. His name…

Monseiur Peach

Couldn’t get a good photo as he just kept headbutting my feet

Have attempted to give the fox his mange medicine and M is still poorly, and suspect I’m next. Oh well. Chai in bed and the last 2 episodes of Killing Eve.


Evening all!

Done most of our grocery shopping for the big family days on Sunday and Tuesday next week today.

Ruined myself with red wine and shots (apparently - I don’t remember this…) on Wednesday do I don’t even fancy a drink to celebrate the start of my Xmas holidays.

Noodles n tofu n that

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Had a chippy tea, was good.

Probably going to spend the rest of the evening hanging out with my parents’ dog. Might read a book too.

Finished work for Xmas…but not my other job so am at work! Ycfmium

Update: just realised it’s belting down with rain outside. Fuck that. Staying in and watching the football it is then. Might treat myself and clean the bathroom at half time.


Opened my first Xmas beer, got the beginnings of a banging headache coming on, hoping it isn’t this bug that’s been knackering everyone.

Storytime with the kids in twenty minutes, then bath and bed for me. Properly tired out.

Just made a chicken and veg dopiaza with pakora and sag aloo. Was good. Probably go to bed about 9.


Did you make the pakora?

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Of course not

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