Fridevening 🎄🎄🎄

Be interested in a recipe if you’ve got one…

A version of this, but not as onion-y

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Getting that vegan Micky bubbles Burger


What’s in it?

Watching that Fleetwood Mac thing on BBC 4.

I love Fleetwood Mac.

watching Danny De Vito make pasta

home. half cut.

going to watch The Thing aka the best christmas movie ever


Do you feel strongly about Danny Devito or pasta?

I like Danny devito, I like pasta

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you know what? i don’t like danny devito

i know you didn’t ask me, gaf

Probably needed a poll to allow easy collection of results.

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  • this required a poll
  • didn’t need a poll

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Didn’t pay that close attention butternut squash was the first ingredient, parsnips, tomato, sprouts maybe

  • Pasta
  • Danny DeVito

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I’m sure it’s lovely but not gonna lie, I’d be pretty disappointed if those ingredients made my burger.

I’m a bit drunk


Just chilling in Basildon with the in-laws. Got geared up for a shitty drive but it only took two hours and the baby slept the whole way. A Christmas miracle.


G’day from Byron Bay
(Happy now @anon3515918?)

Thankfully the power came on again last night but there’s more thunder storms forecast for later. Our plans to travel on the worlds first solar railway may have been scuppered.

I had to go pasta as my twin used to tell me we were like the Twins film but she was Arnie and I was Danny.

She wasn’t always very kind :roll_eyes: