Alright? What a busy day. Back in tomorrow too so no beers for me tonight, just leftover lasagna, fizzy Vimto and Seinfeld. What, though, about you?


Did two v small bikes, and now am sitting with a hair mask on before a bath.

Very very loud and antisocial neighbours moved out yesterday, so it’s the first peaceful evening I’ve had in this house for about two years.


Unfortunate to not be starting the weekend, Dewd, but a little jealous of your vimto!

I’m freaking out because we’ve just had the fence guys over and reclaimed a load of garden and also @wasted has spent the last two days making our house half log cabin


Got 6 Vimto and 6 Irn Bru Extra for £4. Morrisons strikes again.


Last day in work today before a week off :tada::champagne:

Although that did mean a fairly horrendous few days trying to get everything sorted before I finished. Pretty knackered now, ngl. Think I’ll be vegging on the sofa tonight with some crap telly and a couple of beers.

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at a launderette because our washing machine is broken

can I request tips for getting whites white and removing stubborn stains?

(seriously, I ate a Pot Noodle in a rush with my white Minutemen t-shirt on)

Evening just back in Glasgow. East Neuk of Fife is so so nice.

Eating food we took on holiday and barely touched (pipe of Texas BBQ Pringles). Also bought some fancy cornbread from a bakery so provably a slice of that or two at some point.

Managed to avoid the Copa America semi scores so might watch those back to back tonight or maybe save one for tomorrow.

Ecover laundry bleach.

Quite a mild night so maybe book and a cider in the park first

is this from experience, then?

it’s probably from experience, but I think I would just like more details on its stain-removing/whites-whitening power

(please/thank you)

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I have some in the house right now! Normally use it for tea towels but it’s done a good job on clothing too.

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you don’t want your clothes to be too clean, I’ve always thought


what kind of wash do you stick it on?

you have to understand that my domestic situation has been unusual for a while, and I am as yet bereft of this crucial life knowledge

Normally on a hot wash, about 60, for maximum cleaning.

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my Minutemen t-shirt has noticeable food stains, and I can’t be having that

same with my favourite stripey t-shirt

also my Spain shorts are in a right state

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oh boy, I want maximum cleaning

if Dry Cleaning weren’t a recent band, I would also like to have a band called Maximum Cleaning

(dirty noise punk band)


I would very much like fizzy vimto and lasagne right now @Funkhouser

Got some BS work but thibk instead it can wait until tomorrow night and might just go to bed.

I’ve got a blister on a blister on a blister and it’s about to become one mega blister. Time for new trainers I guess, will spending money never end.

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On my way down to the shire for the weekend, gonna treat myself to some #trainbeers and try to zone out. Today was so fucky, cba with it. Might get smashed.


How quick can you get here? the lasagna is gone now


Taco time take 2