Probably posted this before but sometimes i Change the words to Yo La Tengo -Autumn Sweater to

:musical_note: And me in the Glaagow weather :musical_note:


Sup folks? Feel at a bit of a loose end tonight.

@nemrac have you heard a car driving around your part of town blasting out Queen songs (normally We Will Rock You or We are the Champions) the last couple of weeks? Seems to drive by mine pretty much every day. Apparently it’s some weird car that looks like it’s from a cartoon or something. I’ve never managed to see it as it’s always sped past by the time I get to the window, assume it’s some sort of promo thing

(No, I’m not having a fever dream even though I am giving off that vibe)

Also, in before someone posts the Euros tiny car

awright troops. just home from work, gonna have fajitas for dinner with a multitude of spice mixes for extra fun. few beers then early bed because tomorrow me and some fellow bikewankers are taking our steeds on the ferry and playing away from home. cannae wait


What are the stains? It makes a difference for treating them and using the wrong treatment can make the stain worse, eg chlorine bleach will set in sweat stains

For white whites - go easy on the detergent, wash separately to colours, try a laundry booster type product, oxygen bleach if needed

the stains are food in a few cases and mud/dirt stains on the shorts

would you recommend any specific oxygen bleach and laundry booster (also not sure what those are exactly :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:)?

(thank you)

Walking through town this evening and MIF is on etc. Realised it was 10, TEN YEARS at some point in the next week of WU LYF on Bridgewater Street even worse it is I think, 12 years since Delphic played and that this track bangs and also was released on R&S Records which I didn’t know until yesterday:

Also it is 14 years since Gorillaz at the Opera House (might be 16 years tbf) & Kanye at the Apollo and other 2 yearly increments of seeing things that changed me.

Basically time has freaked me out this evening.

another general question

see these lovely flowers?

the yellow in them is brighter, a lovely pale lemony colour, but I couldn’t really get my phone camera to capture it

I’m not even sure what the question I’m asking is, exactly, I’m just sad my phone camera failed me

(also, what are these flowers?)


I’m cycling to the shop listening to this

do we all know this? do we like it?


Yes. Very underrated.

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Laundry boosters are stuff you put in along with your detergent. I don’t have any specific recommendations, I use this one but i haven’t done a side by side comparison!

Oxygen bleach would be stuff like Vanish oxi advance - if you look at the ingredients it’ll say something like oxygen-based bleaching agents

Re stains
Food might depend what it is. Probably some kind of general stain remover like the above will take care of most things. If it’s turmeric you might be out of luck. If it’s fat or oil what I’ve had success with in the past is piling a load of cornflour on it (probably put something underneath the stain to stop it staining the back of the garment too), leaving it a day or two, then rinsing it out before washing. If it’s protein based then something with enzymes in it, like a general stain remover, will help. That should also help with mud and grass stains.

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I think that might be a hollyhock

But I’m very far from certain. They look very nice though


Combined the two, added hot sauce for a great crisp sandwich

Nah my street is dead quiet, we only get cars round here if they’re lost

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I can remember when I moved out in my early twenties (it was a different time, houses were reasonable and it was a 100% mortgage and in a really dodgy area, halcyon days) and one of the first things that blew my mind was how much more complicated and unlike the adverts washing clothes was. Even now neither my wife or I has any clue what we’re doing or how best to get rid of stains.

Who knew Toothpaste was so stubborn to shift?

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Evening all!

The Child has been collected and is on the way to Edinburgh. I’m not really sure what to do with myself yet.

I’m not really in the mood for a beer but would quite like a booze.


Do you think I have no class?