Fridge removal

Hello friends, our fridge freezer has packed in. How do you get rid of a fridge freezer?

bulk uplift

Most people around where I live seem to dump them on the pavement. There’s one round the corner which has been there for four months.


Will you be looking for a new fridge, maybe try selfridges if so.


This is exactly what I want to avoid happening, my landlord is a properly useless prick though who has just left ovens etc from the other flats in the property out the front for ages

thanks for having me in your thread

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Always a pleasure, Foppsy-Woppsy

that’s what should happen tho. phone council. arrange for bulk uplift. leave outside on allotted day.


Safe, I’ll tell him to do that. Might start a new thread for how you get a fridge down the stairs

you should be able to arrange for the council to pick it up

one that’s going to the tip anyway? the answer is obvious and fun.


i haven’t really been pulling my weight recently though, just coasting

Council bulky waste collection

my council pick stuff up for free. maybe drive it up to glasgow and leave it outside my flat?

Don’t beat yourself up, friend

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Smash it up and take the bits down individually?

Fly tip


Another vote for call your council. Mine allows 3 uplifts per property a year before charging.

Just checked and Lewisham will charge me £30 for it, not a chance that tight prick that we give fucking God knows how much of money a year to will fork out for it innit.