What will rich people think of next? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/food-and-drink/features/do-have-fridgegoals-introducing-clean-eating-gangs-smug-new/

Hope to contribute with pics of pizza/beer/burgers one day.


I’d like to have one with a water/ice dispenser one day


takes a certain kind of journalist to write about something so vapid and STILL come off sounding like a total shit


Food to go inside it #fridgegoals


oooh i was going to do a “take a picture of your fridge” thread but forgot about it


We got a new fridge a couple of months ago. It’s a dream: I can fit a 10-pack of stubbies, a bottle of wine, a bottle of tonic water and still have enough room for food and milk.


Mine has quite a lot of stuff on it, including woman photocopying her own face, a Divine sticker saying to kill Nazis and a postcard from the Vatican that reads “hail satan abort everyone”


I want a fridge dedicated to beer.


much like in life ruffers, it’s what’s inside that counts


Soup and a swig of tequila :thumbsup:


I have a fridge dedicated to wine.



Not interested.


I have a friend who grows his own mould (some are toxic) and I think he must use a fridge for some of that


just liek to go on the record and say that i find that ____goals thing quite annoying




Eric be all lyk … #moangoals!!!


dat feeling wen you see eric not lyking goals


kind of really irks me people that are fucking obsessed with their diet and only putting in the purest of pure foods into their temple like bodies. Really arrogant and indulgent. Hope they all die from random acts of misfortune


recently reconnected with my childhood best friend and then unfollowed her coz she kept banging on about her #gymgoals and #vegangains and #whateverelsegoals :rofl:


Woah, someone’s got no political ambitions