Fridlee widdlee evening threaddo

Guess who’s back!

Today. Wuu2 2nite?




Where’s this?! Looks amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright? I’m shattered. Going to get a takeaway and lie on the couch all night before having an early night.

  • Local Indian
  • Chippy
  • Pizza

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I’m at the chippy right now so you should do that too.


Hello evening thread! Got out of the habit of reading the daily / evening threads while on honeymoon, but I’m back and off out to see Yo La Tengo tonight, so clearly it’s DiS time. Hope everyone is doing decently!


Just look a delivery of some record storage, thrilling

Phoning mum to discuss holiday plans, then off for drinks and back for takeaway. Solid Friday

Hey hey.

Back to reality of kids, bedtimes and drudge. Got a nice crunchy salad for tea after the past few days worth of eating and drinking.

@ruffers and @guntrip thinking you’d like this.

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And now I’m at home

Gonna start Superstore again, drink some beers and maybe take some nice strong painkillers to float nicely through to bedtime.


Oh yeah and those landscapes are quadruple-chef’s-kiss levels of beautiful, thanks for sharing @tilty !

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you better believe it’s retro games night at my pal’s!


It’s my homeland, the Isle of Man :grin:

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not seen you have a local indian in a while now tbh. miss that plating.

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  • Respect the poll
  • Get a Local Indian just for the prof

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Those chips look nice.

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South Indian Garlic Chilli Lamb
Dumm Rice
Garlic Naan
Chicken Pakora


They really were.

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Fucking sick of this weather, weeks like this weather-wise make me realise how diametrically opposed I am to anyone living in the UK who doesn’t have summer as their favourite time of the year by an absolute mile. Safe to say it’s a little nicer in the IoM than here right now :smiley:

Reasonably productive day at work, gonna read that Rupert Murdoch Vanity Fair longread to kick the evening off cos it sounds like fun, then keep up the theme with Succession. Hopefully a bit of time in there for my book too.


Chinese takeaway for later


What book?