Fridlington Friday

Lads I think I’ve broken my toe

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Hi Tilts.

That looks nasty and sore. Hope it’s not too bad.

Been at work for the past hour. Trying to figure out why we’ve had a massive reduction in our ranging for an area of the shop. It’s too early to be looking at and collating sales data. My parents are coming over later for a socially distanced curry feast. Cooking a chickpea and paneer curry, sag aloo and various other bits. Looking forward to seeing them.


Morning @tilty and @rich-t!

I’m leaving for my summer job today! Currently having some coffee while gathering the strength to do all the last things I keed to sort out around the house before leaving. Looking forward to catching up on sleep on the coach later.

Hope everyone has an alright friday :sunglasses:


Good morning @tilty, @rich-t, @whiterussian, good morning DiS! Many happy returns to Robyn from the Bangers, to Jason Mewes from the Clerks, happy anniversary to the bicycle, and salutations to those among us who celebrate World Day Against Child Labour, or maybe Dia dos Namorados, or perhaps both at the same time you saucy activists.




Morning all :wave:

I feel slightly gloomy today. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and there’s nothing much to look forward to at the weekend? (Other than not being on my laptop all day). Hey ho. Later on this morning I’ve got to drive into Cambridge - gonna pick up a desk chair, meet one of my colleagues for lunch and then fit in a couple of site visits. Feel like I could sleep all morning though.



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It’s Friday

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Back off to work in a minute :frowning: but only 5 days working until 9 days off :slightly_smiling_face:


Some bloke tried to get close to ask directions on my way home. I was all “whooaaaahhhhhhh” and stepped back. He looked at me like I was mad. Motherfucker have you not heard about a little fucking PANDEMIC going around at the moment?!
Today is work,work,work,cry

Couldn’t work out why @Scout was driving into Cambridge…


She’s just picking up a desk chair, meeting one of my colleagues for lunch and going to a site visit.


Going to IKEA today. What a treat.


Morning all!

@tilty that toe looks painful. Probably worth ringing 101 but I don’t know if they’d do much for a broken little toe other than rest it.

No work for me today. We’ve got some stuff to sort out in the garden if it doesn’t rain and I’m attending a Zoom retirement for the person responsible for me working at the college. We’re making buffalo cauliflower wraps later.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all

Absolutely nothing to report but I want to make my presence here known :wave:


That is gonna be super grim…u can’t even eat 20 meatballs during the interval!

Are the restaurants closed??

Yep, as far as I am aware.

Morning lovely people

Got a WFH day that starts with tea, crumpet and grapes and me missing the doorbell. It was my workmate dropping off a SUPER outfit for my classes zoom later.

Got work this morning , zooms most of the afternoon, then who knows!! (Falling asleep in front of the telly with some wine)

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