Look after yourselves and each other today xx


This is what I woke up to in the work WhatsApp group:

Colleague: is it Xmas jumpers day?
Boss: Yes
Boss: Boris jumpers

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Ugh. Going to spend most of the day practising A mouse lived in a windmill with the kids though so there’s that to look forward to.

Then wine and a local Indian.

Keep caring my lovelies xx


Had the most beautiful dream of my life last night (about Antoni and JVN and some cows and puppies), and I knew when I woke up it meant the world would be fucked.

No words, just tears.

Going to work today having to endure my tory bosses throwing the xmas party on the worst day possible. Thankfully, because they’ve not given us our xmas bonus this year, but have given campaign donations, I cant even afford to go to the xmas party.

Take me back to Antoni’s dream house.


Endlessly screaming into a pit of despair


On the inside

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Really wish you didn’t have to go in

This, but also with a preschool Christmas concert to go to. Mercifully not too hungover at least.

feeling very very gloomy

Penge CC Christmas Party later though, thank fuck

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Got a load of Doom Bar left in the fridge, at least.

Spent most of the day crying yesterday because of curriculum responsibilities that I don’t quite feel capable of doing and didn’t eat a thing. Then voted for this shit show to happen today and omg personally just need a fucking break from it all. Knowing that work is just going to get worse now with cuts/inspections on top of the added responsibilities that are v “well the onus is on you now :woman_shrugging:” from management.
Overwhelmed is an understatement but I’m just venting I know it’s bleak for so many now ah just can’t stop thinking about it all

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6 hour team meeting. Will be skipping be Xmas do tonight.

Why are right wingers so objectively wank at comedy?


Morning all

Was probably the most sensible at my Christmas party - some people were waaaasted

Got to be up at4 tomorrow ffs

leaves group


Work today, going to bring up some United Ireland chat to distract me from the rest of the gloom.

GF and I will watch ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ later, maybe get a local Indian.


Wfh in morning then staff Christmas lunch. Looking forward to great conversations around the dinner table!!11


Work Christmas Do today. Got to spend ALL DAY with work ppl (I’m used to being home by 2 on a Friday) and the meal isnt till 8 o’clock. How am I going to avoid getting smashed and screaming?!

Fuck everything.

Hugs and love to everyone feeling awful today xxxxx


I think I’ll WFH today.

I’m not sure that driving to Surrey to sit alongside employees at a financial services company is a very good idea for me right now :confused: