Since we’re all tories forever now we went to the radisson for dinner


I usually love coming here for this meeting I have each year cos all the decorations get me in a really Chrismassy mood but all I can think today is how gross all this outrageous wealth is when food banks exist

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Just found an easter egg at the back of the cupboard, which the kids have clearly forgotten about.

  • You’ve had a shit day, get it in your face
  • WTF, don’t dare eat the kids chocolate

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In a break from convention I am abiding by the result of a DiS poll.

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No offence @weeber and @AdrianWebb but these are two of the silliest questions ever asked on this website :wink:


The optician person who was helping me with my new glasses said she kept writing 2020 instead of 2019 and I said “haha I’m not surprised, 2020 must be a big year for you here!”

Reader, I got the blankest of blank looks and had to explain it kill me now


:smiley: excellent

dont get it

of course I get it

why am I like this

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At least you’ve prepped them for a year of it next month… or maybe no one will ever pull that sort of line ever again.

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It’s too late for me. Save yourself.

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really like that you seem to always order something from the train trolley.

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i’m so hungover guys.

Sounds fucking great tbf

I see what you did there

Exactly. I’m going to make a nice dinner and not worry about the cost just for tonight and then drink some of the good wine I think.


i’m going to have fish and chips


Also when I was walking out of the guitar shop having had a good cool guy guitar chat with the staff, my Primark paper bag ripped in half and spilled out a box of Magic cards and a Star Wars t-shirt onto the ground.

This is why I never leave the house.


Good. Enjoy it my friend. I’m having stuffing crusted pork steaks and dauphinois.


Absolutely gutted to have missed the chance to say that I was 95% confident you’d do great.

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