Fried Bread

Right then instead of dwelling on… other stuff, lets discuss fried bread.

The other day someone told me they actively hated fried bread, that it was too dry and just tasted of oil.

What do you guys reckon?

Fucking love it.


Completely unnecessary and completely peng all at once.


I agree with the “too dry and tasting of oil” description. When you can have a slice of yummy toast why fry it?


love it, especially when using the meaty fat from the rest of the fry up. Just use a big pan and let is fry up in the juices. Lovely

Of course she ended up dead from radiation
Slow, invisible suffocation

So wrong, but so right.

Not sure I’m a fan - prefer toast and butter instead.

That’s like saying why fly a kite when you can draw pictures of the queen, they’re just completely different

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dry? I don’t understand this criticism - it’s much less dry than toast, it’s dripping with oil

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Toast and butter > fried bread > hash browns

(however I’d happily eat all of the above)

fried bread good. next!


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Haven’t had it in years. It’s good but it is not a substitute for normal toast in a breakfast, it’s an addition

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It’s a bit grim, but great at the same time. Wouldn’t consider eating it on its own, but is an excellent addition to a proper dirty fry up.

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Exactly this, especially the salty brown bits of bacon…

How anyone can describe fried bread as ‘dry’ is totally beyond me. Toast is dry. Fried bread, done properly, just isn’t. And when topped with stodgy baked beans… Just, wow!

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I think it’s perhaps the texture and greasiness that’s unpleasant to me.

Fried bread’s only good with a fry-up because of its insane absorbtion. Couldn’t imagine eating it otherwise, bar that cheesy thing.

Eggy bread, now yer talkin’ my language, mate!!!

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Kites and the Queen my man, kites and the Queen.