Friend who has embraced right-wing politics

Haven’t seen this particular friend of mine in 3 years as he was becoming increasingly angry with everyone and self-isolating, coupled with his dogmatically expressed political views, which I found uncomfortable to listen to - anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-left etc

The catalyst for this I believe was the breakdown of his marriage. Beforehand he wasn’t exactly the most gregarious person in the world but he wasn’t angry and was largely a-political.

Why am I posting this? Well because a friend of mine linked me to a website that he’s set-up called ‘critical thinker’ - to me it should be called ‘biased right-wing thinker’ - but am I being a snowflake for finding what he posts slightly worrying? Some of it I find overtly racist and Islamophobic.

Here’s the link. What do you think?

I have a friend like this, who used to be apolitical and a very neutral person, but has been through a really difficult time recently and now unfortunately says some (well, quite a lot of) things which are a bit beyond the pale. I don’t really see him much anymore (and whenever I do I brace myself).

He doesn’t say anything overtly outrageous, it’s more subtle remarks where he finds the opportunity to interject a little grumble about political correctness and stuff like that. Gets on my nerves but I don’t say anything, there’s not really much point and it would just make seeing him in the future even more awkward.

Old man has a tendency to sharing five-year old Britain First facebook posts about why don’t kids in UK schools get taught about the First World War any more, or how you can’t go ANYWHERE in Fulham without LITERALLY being subjected to Sharia Law these days, or how fucking scones are now illegal in Finland since they joined the EU or whatever (cos of all the immigrants). CBA.

This person is basically a millennial as well

Didn’t know you were friends with Moker