Friends breaking lockdown

For anyone who has friends who have or are currently breaking lockdown, what has your response been?

Found out recently that a friend of mine has been spending weekends at her boyfriend’s and vice versa. Was a bit miffed, but what can you do other than letting that person know that they’re breaking the rules, which they’re already aware of doing anyway?

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Tell them to apply for a job as a special advisor to the government?



I was getting angry and it was really bothering me, but trying to be more accepting that some people are just going to do what they want and not to let that affect my anxiety because it sure as hell isn’t affecting theirs.

Don’t think saying anything would stop them.


They were on a lockdown break!!

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My sandwich!


Depends if you’re a Tory or not it seems :expressionless:

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I’ve got a colleague who still went on a weekend away to Portugal with his family in March, so it’s been difficult to get irked at people going on two walks a day or whatever.

Yeah, on the whole I don’t really care, it’s just that I know other couples who have adhered to the rules and have barely seen each other, let alone spent weekends at each other’s places like my friend and her bf have done. A bit miffed at that. Saying that, they both live on their own, work from home, rarely coming into contact with others, so the possibility of infection is low, but it’s the principle of it.

What can you do🤷‍♂️

This friend of yours. Is she the only one of your friends who’s breaking lockdown, and if not, is she the only one you’re miffed with?

And if she’s the only one you’re miffed with, why is this so?

Why does Ross, the biggest Friend breaking lockdown, not simply…


I just cant get bothered by it anymore. I’m aware of the mental health toll its having on people and as someone who has broken his tether and holding on for dear life whilst adhering to the rules. It’s only a matter of time before I follow suit