Friends (not the show) poll

  • Love making new friends, me. Pint later?
  • Got my friends from home, don’t need anyone else
  • Just don’t really want to be friends with anyone thanks
  • Got about 3 friends and 1000 acquaintances

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ffff i keep forgetting to make them non-anonymous


I’ve made one friend in the last 10 years. He moved to Hong Kong shortly after.

Thought I’d made a friend last year but she doesn’t seem to like me any more so I guess that’s off.


Dont think anyone really makes friends over the age of 24


I always find it shocking that someone doesn’t like me at first, then am totally accepting of it.

But on first revelation I feel as though I want to simultaneously prove them wrong but also have their legs broken


I like making new friends but I’m terrible at actually maintaining the relationship.


Yeah it may surprise people on here but in real life people like me, they really do. I haven’t got time to make new friends though, can barely keep up with the friends I do have, so tend to keep my distance.


ACTUALLY come to think of it it’s generally DiSers who have caused my annoyance (lest we forget Feeling Low)


bit yewtree mate


You’re making the mistake of thinking that DiSers are actual people.


we’re all just brusma alt accounts (he’s one of the people i got really annoyed with and drunkenly accosted back at zonino. classic old me)


Pint later?


This has broken my mind a little bit.


Love making new friends, but also don’t have that many properly close friends.

Also sometimes find being sociable exhausting, which some of my friends can’t seem to fathom as when I do go out I’m normally pretty outgoing. Generally find it exhausting and draining afterwards though, even though I do enjoy it.


I like discussing stuff other people find off putting.

Music books films are great sure, but I also like discussing war, the phenomenology of conspiracy theories, etc. I’m a dweeb.


To be honest I could easily be any of those options on any day of the week.

But today is Friday so I would say pints for everyone!


You guys are my friends right?

  • Yes!
  • Um… well … this is awkward.

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if i stopped getting in touch with people i reckon about two people would get in touch with me