We eveninging?

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We eveninging!

Finally got the red wine open, som candles lit and very soon the newest episode of Castle Rock. Ahhhhh.


Help! I’ve got an earbud from my earohones stuck in my ear

Evening @rich-t

Solo parenting tonight, so there’s a lasagne in the fridge to heat up in a bit, while the other half heads off to Haus on the Hill to sample their new food (being done by the people who ran Bus Stop). I’m quite jealous tbh.

Want to read my book but it’s a ghost story and I’m too scared to go for a wee in the night because of it so not sure it’s a good idea.

Need to make dinner from mushrooms and sour cream :confused: yum?

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Hello! Had a long day, been feeling a bit edgy and anxious and found out that a guy from my village a few years older than me who I’ve known my whole life died suddenly yesterday so a strange day. Having some maple mustard coated pork belly for tea and resisting the urge to crack into the gin.

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Hey scout…


Mix with pasta? Or make soup?

Hi. Never been so very happy for Friday.

Making Mac cheese, then going to sit and do nothing. Not drinking november is looking v under threat and all.


Evening, pouring rain here, out in the elements. Soaked, mud everywhere. One more hour to go then going to get drunk with the family for my mom’s bday.

Hey all. Just inadvertently spoiled my evening by listening to the Postmodern Jukebox version of Umbrella by Rihanna.

Hello…please dont try to scare me

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Sorry :frowning::heart:

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I have some veggie chorizo so going to make this assuming sour cream works

(I’m so sorry @profk)


need to get some snacks from coop but what?

Been googling the side effects of my antibiotics and that’s got me shitting myself (given said side effects I can add, “ironically”)


Debating whether to hold em off a coupla weeks or risk my holiday being potentially ruined

don’t think they exist here!

Listened to After The Goldrush for the first time in years this afternoon, my word what an album!