Hey folks,

How have you all Fridayed?

My half day off was cancelled by R being tantrum-y and not wanting to go with his dad, and then he didn’t nap so it has been an exhausting day. My right arm is also totally fucked from him straining against me while I tried to keep him from the road/running away.

Positives though: SFPP was :yum: and this time next week I will be in holiday :beach_umbrella:

Where are you going on holiday?

I’m watching Love Island 2016 and putting off the laborious task of going down a flight of stairs to put my ready meal dinner in the oven.

DESPERATELY need to tidy my bedroom (house generally but mainly bedroom) before my friend comes over tomorrow evening, but I’m going to my parents’ to watch the England match so I basically need to do it tonight or tomorrow morning, despite being completely fucked tirednesswise.

Tidying when tired is not fun, maybe try put on some energetic music to power you through it?

I am going to be staying in Margate, but trying to get to some of the beaches away from the town for something a bit quieter. Only two nights, but I haven’t had more than single nights away in almost a decade so I am counting it as a full holiday.

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I’m exhausted. Life is hard. Just sat in the shower for 25 minutes though, which is a treat. Anything good on telly?

I’m quite glad I’m not working late tonight, I was going to have a takeaway but instead ive picked some peas and cauliflower from the garden and im cooking them with beef wellington, mash and carrots.

The carrots and tates are shop bought as ours aren’t ready yet.

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Just been having a nap. Tell R he’s missing out


Naps are the best. The worst thing was that I missed out on my nap too :frowning:

Nice :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until we can harvest some of out garden stuff, which reminds me I need to water some plants…

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Still at work. Solidarity @ynot, oh he’s not working late. No idea what is for tea tonight. I also need to start looking for a new job.

Hi fla
My Friday has been pretty cool so far, ta. Day off. Hope you can have a better Saturday

Not sure what to have for dinner. Had take-out twice this week and have very little food in the fridge/freezer

Has anyone seen Mad Men? I have a season 6 question. I also have some Edinburgh questions if any Edinburgh folk are around this evening.

Yes but no idea if I can help or not.

Pizza, it’s Friday so the answer is pizza.

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I know long-running US TV shows have a slight tendency to drop plot lines on a whim but did I imagine it or did (s6 spoiler) Peggy accidentally stab her boyfriend in the chest with a massive knife, they were on the way to hospital in the back of an ambulance, didn’t look like he was going to make it tbh and then it was never mentioned again? I did imagine it didn’t I?

Yeah, not had pizza since Saturday so doable. My oven doesn’t work though so it’ll have to be a take-o :man_shrugging:

Just made a falafel, sweet potato, mozzarella, beetroot, avocado, yellow pepper, tomato and rainbow chard salad with lime juice and garlic olive oil.

Listening to something called 4lienetic which is quite nice.

Going to put on some sort of political conspiracy thriller soon i think.

Whole house smells of rotten feces because there’s some sort of issue with a drain or wastepipe outside. The council literally just said not to worry about it because it’s been warm so everywhere smells like shite. Not sure.

3-1 big lad.


got a really decent local curry house but for some reason the missus wanted a curry but to try a different place (normal one doesn’t deliver and is slow for collection)… so tried somewhere else and it really wasn’t great. what a disappointment


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You can have less take away next week, your hand is being forced by the broken oven really.

@bugduv that salad sounds :ok_hand:

The Nation’s Favourite ™

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Ugh, vent. Someone has just unknowingly upset me and I thought I had an apology text from them but it turned out to be a sushi delivery confirmation text, which is obviously much better than any apology :laughing:

Anyway, it’s Friday the 13th, wonder what I’ll watch this evening :thinking: