Frightened Rabbit


There is possibly so many of these posts but I’m still drunk and I’m heartbroken


You’re not alone. It’s such a weird experience grieving someone you didn’t really know personally, but the connections and associations that Frightened Rabbit’s music hold between myself, my friends and my now wife that are making it really, really difficult to process for me. This is going to hurt for a while, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back to the music in time (it’s too raw for me to listen to just now), and that it’ll continue to provide comfort and soundtrack more great moments between the people I love.

“There is light but there’s a tunnel to crawl through
There is love but its misery loves you
There’s still hope so I think we’ll be fine
In these disastrous times, disastrous times”


Really quite gutted about it. The guy’s an an absolutely incredible talent and seemed extremely human and grounded and kind, and i’m devastated that he couldn’t get the help he needed and might not have known what he meant to so many people.

Weirdly, since the news i’ve heard two people use the term ‘a frightened rabbit’ in real life to describe people who looked nervous about something, having never heard it before outside of the band and their music.


"And fully clothed, I float away. Down the Forth, into the sea. I think I’ll save suicide for another day.”


apparently Scott’s mum called him that when he was younger which was the source of the band name