Frighteningly rainy Friday

It’s coming home!! Maybe. I am actually going home to watch the match with my papa and see my precious prince Pumpkin :heart_eyes:

Final of the HGATR best of the worst world cup is now LIVE with some surprising finalists

wuu2 hun x

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Still housebound so will be watching it coming home from the safety of my home

Bloody rain stopping bike. Busy day. Busy eve. Hi x

Gorgeous sunny day here so far. The birds are absolutely losing their shit out there for some reason. Pipe down lads.


Southern centric bolloks m8! It’s GLORIOUS out there today in Glasgow.

My partner did up our outdoor furniture. Looks mint FYI.



Had my first jab yesterday and feeling fine but verrrrrry sleepy today which is a pain as I’ve got a lot of work to do. Foosball later just from the sofa at home with :beers:

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Not impressed with this :cloud_with_rain:

Football later I suppose.

Thoughts and prayers for the members of this community who are not English or Scottish, it’s gonna be a long long day.


Morning all!

I can confirm it is gloriously sunny in north west Glasgow.

I’ve got some work things to complete this morning along with some life admin hanging over from yesterday. I should go to the gym too probably.

I’ll be nervously watching the homecoming of football at home tonight. Wor Lass has decided we’re having haggis and chips for tea.


Saw haggis in my local metro supermarket the other day and was thinking I fancied a bit of it.

Particularly those of us who are neither English nor Scottish and have zero interest in football.


If I’m honest, it isn’t necessarily the most seasonal choice for the day but I do enjoy a haggis.

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Going to try and squeeze a quick bike in before it rains. Means mixing it with school traffic though which means chances of death go up by about a million.

Nipping over to see my dad later this morning to give him his father’s day present.

Watching football this afternoon and evening.

Morning all. This week has been too long not been in work for a full week since April so I am mostly a husk after working a full week.

Looking forward to the football later I suppose better than watching Have I Got News For You anyway.

Got absolutely soaked just getting our Oddbox in from the back gate just now, wow. Must have been a right sight, pregnant woman in just her t-shirt and knickers hauls large soaking wet box into house.



Guess whose dickhead cat refused to come in when called so got absolutely soaked last night?

We didn’t realise he was out and spent half an hour at bedtime trying to find him. And then when I did spot him he didn’t come when I called. Dickhead.

I’ve got the new Kings of Convenience Lp to pick up at some point so fingers crossed the rain stops for a bit at lunchtime

  • I thought I was old when I was 21 and didn’t appreciate it
  • I knew I was young

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Somehow it is not yet raining here in South Wales, and isn’t really meant to today according to the forecast. Slate-grey netherworld it is then! According to the French Republican calendar, today we honour the hand cart for its sterling work.

Just another day ahead, standard day stuff to be done, got to get the car to a garage, boooring.

I’ve felt old at every age, it’s tiring