• Pasta
  • Burger
  • Something Else (please state)

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A couple of mini lentil sausage rolls. Got a 3rd with me OR a Naked Bakewell bar. Can only have one or the other. Can’t decide. What a quandry.

toasted sandwich from EAT, with a chocolate muffin for after #healthychoice

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am i voting for me (meaning you) or you (meaning me)

You’re voting for me, (meaning me)

My mouth is still lopsided from the dentist so maybe soup through a straw :frowning:

Bhel Puri, made to order (extra spicy).

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Skipping lunch after a big tea last night and hotel breakfast this morning

Veggie nugget sandwich. Had hummus on a Jacob’s water biscuit after I put the nuggs in the oven.

  • Go out for nice lunch, risk vomiting
  • Make whatever misery shite you got at home

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Fresh air might do you good?

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Absolutely awful veggie chilli burrito, just terrible

Where should I go for lunch in the centre of Glasgow?

Greggs? GVSR?

Oh wait. You wanted soup. Probably not there then.

NOT Taco Mazama, which I just had. Panko do great katsus and teriyakis, not sure if you can sit in though.

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I’m hoping by the time I get there I might be able to bite again

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I had a jacket potato with beans

ham and mustard sandwich (homemade bread)

Just bought a “meal replacement” (LOL) bar from Superdrug as a snack, cos it said it was peanut butter flavoured. That’s my afternoon snack.