Hello! Happy rafflemas everybody! Today is, as ever, my Monday. Mrs F is coming off some meds, was still awake when I woke up and has just got off to sleep, so I’m sad and annoyed that I can’t afford to call in sick and look after her/watch the raffle while she sleeps. Gonna be a long, wet, quiet day ahead I think, how bout u?

Ferociously hung over. Would smash pizza. Got a train to catch at 11:40 would rather feel better beforehand.

No emergency pizzas in?

Day off. Can’t get back to sleep.

Gonna raffle, got 4 bottlles of Joler in, I will crack as soon as it hits noon, when its socially acceptable

Gonna have fray bentos pie and watch Ghost this evening.


Morning. Hope everyone has a wonderful raffle day.

I’m lay in bed chilling before we get a night bus to Goa in a few hours. Gonna go full cliche and tell everyone we meet I’m on a gaaaaarrrp yarrrrr


Was a right struggle to get out of bed this morning with the lovely sound of the pelting rain outside. You love to hear it.

Should go to work, really. Any minute now.

Oh, we do have one, of course, but idk, there’ve been some whispers about having nicer pizza over the course of the day and I’m keen not to have loads blown too early.


Just have both you amateur.

pizza at 8am? you are out of control

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The inferior pizza will make the superior pizza even nicer.

Like setting a barometer or something


It’s not that i wouldn’t, but some people have slightly funny ideas about eating different foods over the course of day.

Not to be trusted imo.

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Firsty, there is no pizza, secondly it is distinctly later than 8am.

we’re in the 8am bracket

Gotta get up and pack, train to Leeds at 1130 for that there beer festival tonight. Ambitions to then do stuff with friends we’re staying with tomorrow, but hangover dependent.

Gonna be on a train for the whole raffle, perfect timing. Think I’ll get no book reading done though oops

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I bet we don’t even end up with a later pizza at this rate😱

We’re also im the daytime bracket and the I’m alive bracket.

i feel like we might be getting off topic

Not happening :grinning:

There’s loads of good fringe events at all the good bars. North’s open till 4am I think
Gutted I’m missing it

Perhaps but it is important to identify when we are.