Omg. Utterly brutal.

Got a table seat on the train this morning, so I can actually use the time usefully rather than just being squished. So naturally I’m posting on DiS.


Had a stressful journey to the dentist that culminated in me telling a ticket machine to fuck off, but came home via the posh bakery so currently enjoying a nice coffee and a cookie :cookie: :coffee: That plus empty work calendar and swimming this evening, so should pick up from here :crossed_fingers:

The Mandrake Handshake EP.

But, in “I didn’t know that was out yet” news, the album of blissful komische from Free/Slope is ready for me to pick up too!

Next Friday is Pillow Queens day for me!

Sat next to my manager in the office wearing a t-shirt that says ‘doing nothing all day’

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Had my first ever coffee tonic just now. Nice but might save the next one for when it’s actually sunny, not really a cloudy grey morning drink…Also picked up a rhubarb and custard doughnut for later :partying_face:



What a lovely day

Working but :black_cat: is on lap and the sun is steaming in through the window

If delivery I’m expecting comes on time I’ll hopefully get out for a bit of a lunchtime mooch as well

You know where I’ll be after I pick up my records, if you find yourself in that direction with a bit of a thirst on

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Welcome to the espresso and tonic club! :coffee:


I’ve only had espresso and tonic on holiday but it’s a beautiful thing.

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They could think it’s a hiding in plain sight situation - “no-one who wasn’t gonna do any work would wear that t-shirt” so I reckon it’s perfect.

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started work on the next art book this morning. gonna be a fuck ton of work for the next two months but it is gonna be a doozy

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Morning everyone :wave:

This week has been pretty hard, working late most nights but glad it’s Friday now!

Got some paint samples through for painting the kitchen and tbh just kinda wish I could rip it all out and start from scratch but ££££££ and the kitchen we have is pretty nice considering how old it is and the previous owners fitted it. Could be a lot a lot worse.

Stupid Pinterest making me want the Formica and plywood kitchen of my dreams.

Plans for the weekend include plastering my face in make up and buying a nice coffee. I hope the weather is nice.

Hoo boy this train is extremely busy and I’m hurtling backwards trying to get some work done :nauseated_face:

here are works by some peeps who are in it:


What is the art book please?

Been for a bike. Got a nice sausage roll for my lunch. Mowed the lawn. Put a load of washing on.

Time to relax.

Morning all!

I slept from 11-7 ish but woke up tired so I went back to bed for 20m after delivering The Child to nursery.

When I logged into my email, I was reminded that I was interviewing students at 10am so that was useful. I’ve marked a class load of assignments and had some coffee. I might make more coffee now.

we’re doing a retrospective about Graffiti Prints and the owner Giancarlo. Gonna be bigggggg