Hello everybody.

Nice ride in this morning: chilly though. Back to 2 pairs of socks. My cycling gloves actually stink: think I might have to burn them soon.

Get through the next few hours of student recruitment hell then squash, chilli, beer, masterchef, beer, bed, I reckon.


Morning @anon50098204

WFH, might try and get out for a lunchtime cycle

Was going to do standard SFPP protocol but I’m now wondering about making chilli :thinking:

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Morning @anon50098204, @grievoustim!

I’ve a job application to finish and hand in, so will be doing that during breaks in work today. I’m a bit beat from finishing rehearsal at eleven last night but my mates won the Irish equivalent of the Mercury Prize so I’m delighted by that.


Figured out i lost my fitbit and no way of tracing it back :(((( not connecting anywhere around the house. Mustve fallen off my wrist when out near christmas time. Whats a good cheap alternative?

Get in :relaxed:

Morning thewarn, all,

Happy International Women’s Day.

Went to bed early, like before ten, I think. Then woke up at 2am and didn’t get back to sleep until around 4 but then had a really nice dream. What followed involved waking up once again and pottering in our well documented Friday fashion.

Work, spinning and lifting today, Then hopefully meeting some friends down the Nags Head later for some low level boozing. Not got plans for tomorrow yet. I might make some.

Have a great day,

Which bits did you use most from it?

Hope it goes well wc!

My Italian mate was back in town cause she’s got a vineyard and she’s taking her wine to different merchants(?) so we drank a bunch of her fancy wine. Stop Brexit.


Why are hostels so committed to having teeny tiny ladders??? I’m fucking shit scared of stepping on ladder steps that are barely an inch thick but THEY ALL HAVE THEM. FUCK OFF it took me an hour to get it together to scramble down it and the actual act of trying, then freaking out and stopping, then trying again took an extra 10 mins :sob:

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Literally nothing to report this morning. Hi everyone.

I had a Charge HR so it was the basics really heart rate/sleep/calories and ability to connect to phone?

Hmm. Not sure theres much cheaper that will do sleep tracking well :frowning:

Morning all. Got a day off today so am heading up to the coast, nice long walk, pub lunch, back in time for the school run. Might make butter chicken tonight.


Happy IWD all!

Got a pretty sweet day of it, wife’s taking some photographs in Stratford and is gonna last minute meet me for lunch so gonna nip around that Victoria Miro gallery that @aboynamedgoo posted about cos it’s round the corner from my office.

Meeting a Lithuanian international woman ex-colleague after work for a few jars then heading to Wimbledon Village for dinner with m9s.


Morning! Had a delightful non-sexy dream where I took two DiSers to watch Plymouth Argyle and one of them won a thing at half time by hitting the crossbar from the halfway line.
I’m still buzzing on yesterday’s happiness, we’re planning a quiet day in so Mrs F can recover a bit. Might make a Friday roast.


Fell asleep watching Ghost in a Shell last night. Going to watch the rest of that before work.
I’m hungry.

Also, happy IWD. Women are definitely the best ones.

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Day three of bed with flu. Mildly better but still feel like death. Actually ate some breakfast and don’t feel like :nauseated_face:

Have had to cancel weekend plans though, which I am beyond gutted about.

SFPP is off too, but that is less of a hit.

Last night between frequent waking I fever dreamed a whole tv show (it was bad) and a film (it was really bad).

Happy IWD to everyone, except men! :slight_smile: