I hadn’t even considered St Luke’s! TripAdvisor said Buck’s were the best so we’re going there.

Buck’s are excellent too!


tonight: dunno
tomorrow: sigma sport warehouse sale, strade bianche, rugby
sunday: big bike ride

this morning i went to the sorting office to pick up some new sunglasses and a jacket. result.

Working from home

  • No double breakfast
  • No, double breakfast!

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have been wishing IWD at the start of my classes today, and every class have repeated the phrase at me but the last one didn´t and it caught me really off guard and I was like ´…yes, very good´.


Just realised it’s payday! :partying_face:


Motion to go to a pub in Caversham tonight instead as they’re having an IWD weekend and are raising money for Berkshire Womans Aid and Red Box. Also it’s a bit more of a walk which is good for us. Decent beer garden too if it’s not rammed.

motion passed.

which pub we going to?

A pub that sells fish and chips I reckon


Think I’m going to nip down the Jolly Fryer on my lunch break today. Might just go for a battered sausage though, as they have a lunch deal on those and I’m pretty sure they don’t have one of fish.

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I think everything would be 1000% better if I worked a 4 day week

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Given recent history, I’d wager it’ll be one that doesn’t do F&C.

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oooh, Fox and Hounds, excellent. Seem to remember them having some decent beers on down there.

Learning the first new (to me) technology in my working life in about 6 years.


Sorry @Laelfy - they’ve got a pizza menu.

true, but…

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break a leg dude



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Just had to shell out for rugby tickets for the first time in my life. I feel dirty.

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almost forgot to buy Flaming Lips tickets but managed to secure them :smiley: :partying_face: